Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's All Good: More Diakka Musings

Reader D.A. writes to ask:
"I was reading some of your past blog and I’m a bit curious/troubled by Diakka. Do certain people when they die really ‘become’ Diakka? and then do they ‘bother’ earthlings?"
Be not troubled. Over the years quite a bit of information on the Diakka has accumulated here, so it's a lot to get through and understand, some of it paradoxical in nature, as is often the case when trying to discuss such things. We're sorry if the wrong impression was given, but first and foremost let yourself comprehend that there are no evil spirits. There is only One Power, which is good and only good; not two or more powers. We are individualized Good, manifesting as unlimited variations of sound and light vibration. Spirits are people just like us -- we are all just people in spirit, actually, so we may transition over with a lot of the same shortcomings that we didn't try to evolve better on Earth. 

These shortcoming include our belief systems -- for better or worse -- about ourselves and the universe. Those who are highly egotistical - meaning that I might think I am better than anyone, or know more, etc. may have great resistance to the natural humility needed to rise above self-limiting egotistical beliefs. Diakka is an interesting "geography" where such egotistical people naturally gravitate to. They are often the creme de la creme of humanity in many ways, highly intelligent, brilliant, funny, creative, loving beauty and pleasure as much as anyone else. The actual land or sphere they inhabit, the manifestation of which arises directly from their collective minds, is itself breathtakingly beautiful, a reflection of the actual beauty of their own brilliant and artistic minds. 

They are not necessarily "bad" people, but just people who think they're better than anyone else, and share the idea that immortality is not true -- even though they can see they apparently survived earthly death. They want to somehow separate their already unique individuality even further from the "common crowd" -- which is just a silly idea - a notion that they would find insulting. The idea is more than just an idea, they believe it's the truth and that everyone who believes in immortality is fooling themselves. Their arrogance comes from their deep fear that if they are not the unique demi-god their ego tells them they were and still are, then that means everyone is equal, and their specialness fades away, which the ego equates with "death."  This arrogant belief that others are fools tempts them to tease and manipulate the "fools" in order to gain a sense of power that they feel would neutralize their fear of ultimate death - even though they are now in Spirit - so one can see how delusional they are. And so they like to toy, sometimes, with people on Earth, inspiring them with false beliefs, doctrines, philosophies and the like that have enough truth in them to be attractive and perhaps even helpful, all the while taking a childish and somewhat perverse or mischevious delight in making people dance to their tunes, to further strengthen their own false sense of superiority. Nobody is hurt by what they see as a kind of harmless practical joke, although unable or unwilling to see or admit that their insecurity is only harming themselves. 

However, there are those who transition whose arrogance might seem to qualify them for the Land of Diakka, but because they are so wounded themselves to the extent that they feel they want to cause suffering to others, their spiritual rage draws them, by the same Law of Attraction which all of us are subject to, to what could be called "lower" vibrating geographies, which are actually lower than the Earth plane. These places are a kind of "quarantine." Such places are not ones of beauty, but dim, dark and gloomy atmospheres. The inhabitants' particular brilliance, creativity and humor would fashion a life for them there as it would in any other sphere or geography. It would be incorrect to call them "evil" but correct to see their behavior and thinking as "misthinking" or misled - on Earth we use the word "sin" which means "to miss the mark." Until they can begin to consciously change their error in thinking, they will not be able to generate the kind of feelings that will gravitate them to higher vibrating areas, or, as if often the case, generate a kind of distress or SOS signal that rises to higher minds, who are especially waiting to respond by traveling to the lower areas and see if they can help increase the slightly strengthened spirit enough to be able to assist them to a higher geography and thus rescue them from the lower, utilizing the Law of Attraction.

The Diakka are in a high-vibrating place of spirituality, evidenced by the great beauty of their lands. Indeed, Tim and others have shared that these lands are often visited by other high-vibrating lands to experience the beauty and pleasures there, kind of a "vacation" or "picnic"! Those who are of Higher Vibration can descend into the lower - as evidenced by those who work as "rescuers." So this is why the higher Diakka can influence lower earthly minds as well. But it must be understood that while one mind can influence another mind, it cannot control it -- ever. The influence exerted may be strong and frequent enough to seem as if control being achieved, but each individual mind always has the ability to listen, choose, and respond to and act upon these influences at any and all times. We cannot be slaves to others, although we may develop the thought-belief that this can happen - we can only enslave our self by our own thinking. Should one feel that they are being influenced in unhealthy ways, the following prayer is a very powerful one of protection, which will repel the unwanted influence, and seal it off as well:
"I invoke the blue light of Archangel Michael to surround and protect me from any negative energy or entities and help me to maintain my own energy and vibration of anything seen or unseen. And so it is."

So while the Higher can descend to the lower, the lower cannot ascend to the Higher without assistance, and even then, for a very limited time and space. Because those inhabiting the planes lower than Earth cannot rise above their own plane, they cannot directly influence minds on the Earth plane. But a mind on the Earth plane can descend into the lower planes - consciously or otherwise - by personal intent, or as influenced and led by another Earthly mind - and they can achieve this because their lower-vibrating thoughts and feelings are, by the Law of Attraction, gravitating them there. (A higher-vibrating person of Spirit would not lead us into a lower region.) And once there, they are exposing their mind and spirit to the minds and spirits of the lower-vibrations, thus connecting with them, communicating and sharing information. A mind of an earthly inhabitant doing this would seem to be actually devolving rather than evolving, although "it all is unfolding perfectly, now matter what" as my Risen friends like to often remind me. So while we could descend to allow or even seek lower influences, those lower influences cannot rise above to us to do the same - we must go to them in order to become exposed and contaminated. This often happens while the earthly person is sleeping and so able to travel to certain astral realms - lower or higher, depending on their own vibration, and also while under the toxic, life-dampening effects of such things as drugs and alcohol, as well as deeply negative states of mind. In The Risen, we also caution against hypnosis and hypnotic energies, which also have the effect of allowing one mind to influence a weaker one and lead it to mental and emotional places that seek to divert the natural flow of the inherent wisdom of one's own individual spirituality. One's own truth resides within, nowhere else. 

The Diakka would say that they exclusively know the truth, which in their case is that immortality is a delusion; this belief of theirs is obviously a delusion itself, because it involves accepting the idea that their current state of life is temporary and will eventually end in "total annihilation," rather than an eventual rising to the next state of existence, unending.  So their current mode of survival is to live in a state of denial of immortality, which appears, to them, to put their "death" on pause as long as they maintain the denial. This is their acute arrogance of self-assumed superiority. It is not a "bad" place to be, or even undesired in many ways. They have their cultures, cities, schools, residences there that for all intents and purposes supports and encourages life in ways that will eventually evolve each one to a yet higher plane, regardless of how much "time" it takes. We can try to swim against the flow of life, but eventually, we will come to understand and accept Love -- "the Unprincipled Principle" -- which forever flows as life and more life. Life can be a long peaceful picnic if we so choose it, something the Diakka believe in and exemplify, and eventually they will come to see that Life is also an unending banquet, gifted to us unconditionally, to one and to all.