Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enjoy the Dance

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
 ~ C.G. Jung

“The Truth that sets you free is that you can experience in imagination what you desire to experience in reality, and by maintaining this experience in imagination, your desire will become an actuality.” ~ Neville – The Power of Awareness

“The activity of Ultimate Reality, the Supreme Power, resembles most closely the human experience which we call imagining.” ~ Raynor C. Johnson – Nurslings of Immortality

"The synapse is no ordinary switch!"
~ Gary Vey – Your Brain is Not a Computer!

Risen reader, Mr. Peabody, asks,
"I've been struggling with the question of who God really is and how to justify to scientists that it is possible to have a personal relationship with God. Your chapter on Mundus Imaginalis seems to be the answer I always come back to - but I just don't quite know how to explain this world and its reality. How do we know it is real? What does it mean to be real? I have been watching those youtube videos of interview with Jung where he insists that the experiences of the psyche is just as real as the material world. But how does one prove this? Justify this?"

In terms of living as a physically manifested body, it's often about timing for me, or rather, how I live in time. I've always used time differently than most others, although I can't explain it, any more than Jung can qualify his statements about his own experience. Every one's experience is unique. "Justification" and "proof" are not necessary in a Universe of Perfection that is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Only the ego-mind would demand justification, because it can only react with a fear-based response.

In Alcoholics Anonymous, we say that whatever one is doing in any moment is either taking one step toward a drink, or one step away from it. This is also true about our thinking: are we moving toward serenity, or away from it? At first, it often feels fearful in any direction, depending on how large a sphere of fear we’ve placed around our current conscious awareness. So it may take awhile before we have moved beyond our edge of fear, which was circumscribed by chronic anxiety. Anxiety keeps us away from the edge, so it seems counter-intuitive to move toward it. Here is what the Risen say about the edge.

Are we making conscious choices about which thoughts we allow residence in our mind, or unconsciously choosing to let our ego-mind make its own deranged, fear-based choices? Here is a thought formula of authenticity that will help restore one's mind to proper thinking and thus sanity. You can substitute "god" or any word for "Creator Source" which work best for you. 

Everything moves, and this movement is life.
There is nothing but life; so everything is alive.
Creator Source (God) is this life, and it is always and ever perfect, without flaw or blemish.
There is only one Power. It is the only Power there is.
There is nothing but Creator Source.
This life is in me; therefore, Creator Source is in me, and so is where I am right now.
Creator Source is manifesting itself in an individual way through me: I am the living result.
Therefore Creator Source is Who I Am.
This is who God is. 

We now have the technology to live-scan the brain while giving it all kinds of cognitive tasks. Not only can we see which parts of the brain light up, like the tuning instrument it actually is, but also identify, map and monitor the chemical interactions that arise directly from a causative thought. In better words, our thinking creates our experience, manifesting the perception of our reality. This perception takes place first on the inside, for we cannot directly perceive the “outside.”  So—change the thought, change the reality.

Here is ancient wisdom being proven by 21st century science. Because many—if not most—people are ruled by their ego-mind, they operate from the ego-mind's desire for and insistence on instant gratification, and so want to "fix it" quickly, in the same way we push a button and get an instant response. Taking chemicals into our body via medications is based on that idea. These chemicals are non-native to the body, hence "side-effects"—which are really effects, forget the “side.”

So why not use our thinking to change our body's chemistry instead? That is what I help my patients do. It takes TIME. It appears to me that 21st century humanity has become over-identified with its machines, which can deliver most results almost instantaneously. This over-identification gives our ego-mind the opportunity to make us believe the lie that we are not fast enough, or good enough, and therefore lacking and thus failures.  Believing this causes chemicals of stress to be released, for beliefs are like orders to the kitchen to make a certain kind of meal. Thoughts are food for our minds.

The brain is a brilliantly evolved problem-solving organ. However, it is a neutral thing, for it cannot think; it can only receive information from thoughts, which are instructions. If we give it positive negative instructions, it will faithfully act on them and produce certain chemicals to achieve the desired results. Who is giving the instructions: you, or the ego-mind?

We forget, or never realize, that time for a machine is one way; time for our body is another way. We are just like animals and plants, which utilize light or energy in a very special way, and utilize time in an organic way. We are not our machines. Put the ipad down and step away from it. Look up and out; connect with life. Then we can truly enjoy the dance in the way we were meant to. (This is a hint about "meaning.")

Here is the complete chapter of Mundus Imaginalis, for those so interested.

Ectoplasm Reports from 1942

As reported in Mike Tym's blog at White Crow.  Some of the information reminds me of an event I experienced with one of Tim's materializations, which occurred on an astral level just touching the physical:

“Something white was scattered around Tim’s feet. It appeared to be a kind of white powder, which at first I thought was sugar. I saw what looked like broken glass and wondered if Tim had dropped a container of this substance. It was sparkly and glittered like fireflies, and there was quite a lot of it lying in little piles on the floor. I could see little flecks of light twinkling within this substance. Touching it caused it to crackle and pop, its reaction when coming in contact with my body—physical, etheric, or astral body, I can’t say at this point. I intuited that this substance was largely involved with Tim being able to materialize to the point where we could see and feel each other—not entirely on the low physical plane where I inhabit my earth body but as close to it as possible, on just the other near side of light sleep. ...

"Tim informed me that there were many individuals who were involved in this experiment, including Risen Researchers and Healer-Scientists from more than one astral level. Obviously Tim and I had each manifested in more than one particular physical way. There was liberal use of the sparkly stuff—a form of ectoplasmic matter that was specially fabricated by the Risen technologists involved in this experiment. Ectoplasm, as noted before, is a highly sensitive and sometimes volatile substance, which occurs naturally in varying amounts in all of us, but to a greater extent in mediums. The Risen have been utilizing their technology in many ways to express and impress their presences upon our physical plane. Sources suggest that Risen techno
logists have been experiment-ing with ectoplasm for at least two earth centuries and perhaps much longer. Advanced Risen techniques of chemistry, physics, and other sciences are involved, which are unknown and inaccessible on earth." (pp 263 & 266)