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From The Archives: The Lullaby of the Dream Body

(First posted January 31, 2006)

[I've been gonging for the past several days, which in this case has indicated that several recently transitioned persons are trying to speak to me, which sounds like bells to me when not in an altered adaptive state. I'd like to gong them sometimes. In order to attend to their requests, and continue to function on my everyday level, my consciousness is "comparmentalized" to enable function on several levels of vibration. To this end, note that the following is entranced discernment as assisted by the Risen and by Krishnamurti and my contribution is minimal. I've been assured that the material will be related to the previously mentioned curmudgio so that I can discuss it later if I want. It seems that they want to put that discussion on hold for a bit.]

The act and stance of giving can be seen to be the emergent point from where healing aspects (energies) flow. "Energy" is presented here in a parenthetical way because, in spite of its very common usage in all mental/physical/spiritual earthly aspects, there really is no such "thing"—it's an "aspect" or "an appearance from a specific vantage point." In other words, energy is a useful fiction. (That should stir up something in anyone's cosmic soup-of the day!)

The subject of healing is an apparent major component of the experience of grief—that is, suffering—within this manifested world, but not always realized because of the apparent complexity of grief, and of suffering in general. "Act" is used here to suggest movement, and "stance" is used here to suggest an assumed posture. One is movement (through perceived space-time) and while the other is non-movement, it is often perceived as movement —which is a delusion. Delusion is a deception of the simulate self-mind (ego-mindself); freedom of movement is of the Self.

"Apparent" is used here because the grief experience has been codified on earth due to collective and individual expectations which are all fear-based, and all fear is based on a belief in death. Although "apparent" is meant as "easily seen," easily is what the simulate self promotes, and seen is what it connotes. Although in its mind "seen" implies the present, notice that it's the past tense of see. Therefore, a belief is structured that holds that seen = see, i.e., past = present—which is a connotation of "memory." A belief in death is a delusion that, because the illusion of death being real is held before us like a hypnotist gently swaying his shiny pocket watch back and forth before us, we fall into a waking sleep and therefore we dream our memories, while the Real World (awakened awareness) moves in its vast, profound and wondrous depths around us, and as we move within It.

One main aspect of our manifested dream world is that it gives us grief—a giving which is not healing—and which the ego-mind interprets as suffering. "Suffering" is defined by the Risen as "(increasingly) complex and persistent forms of (physical and mental) pain and fear, leaving us to feel helpless, hopeless, and demoralized, which together comprise the experience of earthly suffering."(p. 5) A key word here is "form," as in the imaginal process of the dream.

There are as many answers as there are questions when it comes to approaches to healing within our active and static forms of manifestation. Often, asking questions leads to more questions. Perhaps it's knowing when to stop questioning. As Yoda suggested, "No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try." Yoda is a personified, symbolic example of an awakened consciousness within the sea of dreams. To those asleep, the world seems chaotic, uncontrollable, and trying is only stirring the soup. Doing is containing the soup (perhaps by drinking it) and even changing the soup, as in-formed by one's imaginal ability. The very key word here is "no" or "negation" as K. has sometimes suggested, which, when merged with his concept of "choiceless awareness" allows Self to emerge from the veils of self. Somewhere in my journals is a discourse K. delivered to me over several days on choiceless awareness, and I'll try to remember to look for it to perhaps present here another time.

Recall the only words of A Course In Miracles which it (correctly) says are the only words worth recalling:
"This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." (Introduction, ACIM)

This is simplicity itself, so close the book, and stop reading. Bring attention to the realization that this statement is presented in language of the present—which is the experience of Presence. Yet the complexity of healing has also been previously noted above, because of the nature of the world system of the simulate self. Negation of unreality is the key to the door of Self whereupon the door is no longer seen, unless and until one returns to unreality—or the dream.

Once the feeling of Self is felt—which is an experiential understanding that this is an authentic feeling, for it is the corridor to the door as well—there is then a catalyzing process that parallels the atomic-quantum-astral-etheric process mentioned a few posts ago. There is now a receptive state that enables That-Which-Is-Of Higher-Vibration (Self) to "descend" and enter into that-which-is-of-lower-vibration (self). The higher cannot be found within the lower—remember salt and water?—the lower can only be prepared to receive the higher. The arrival of the higher into the lower accomplishes negation of the felt experience of lower selfdom—or neutralizing or negating it—and achieves the appearance of divinity as uniquely expressed through individualized Self. This is healing.

However, because of the very realness of the way terrestrial humans believe they experience space and time, there is almost always an experience of delay between the arrival of the divine experience and the reappearance of wholeness (health.) The delay can be minutes, hours, days, or longer. "Reappearance" because, as noted somewhere in The Risen, aspects of reality, including a state of wholeness, are not discovered but uncovered.

Sometimes the healing is heralded by strange events of synchronicity, sometimes by an increase in the discomfort/pain as it moves toward resolution—depending on the personal belief system and its strength.

Or course, this all looks good on paper. Most of us are used to instant gratification as learned through the use of medications and giving in to addictive behaviours. The usual reactions of anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, and worry to the delay process will disengage one from the process. I'm reporting this kind of healing method to you from my own personal experience as it has evolved over many years. It didn't arrive overnight, but over years. It's easy to read about it. Because I've individualized it, it might not resonate for others in the same way, or at all. Take what's needed, focus the attention on what feels right. Your imaginal abilities will then engage to manifest your own individualized healing approaches. As always, ask for assistance from your internal world resources—guides, transitioned relatives and friends, the Risen.

When healing of any kind is needed—physical, emotional, mental—we can start with what we have and where we are, which is our physically experienced, material body. This body is also the dream body, for it is our vehicle of expression (movement) within the dream of manifestation. We think it's real; yet we don't remember what "real" is because we don't know we are asleep. When we begin to awaken within the dream, the approach to healing will change quite dramatically.

Recognize that the dream body we inhabit, and any area of the body, especially when isolated by any kind of trauma, will develop a temporary awareness—short and/or long term—meaning that a leg can carry a memory of physical trauma for months, or the lower back for years, for example. The result is that the body part experiences isolation from the whole body, and has a need to be reconnected. Isolation causes fear, which the simulate self-mind seizes upon to further capitalize and promote its agenda of survival by engendering yet more fear. This ultimately, and often quickly, backfires and we have a situation where the isolated area is like an animal in a trap chewing its leg off to escape.

Flood the body with the choiceless awareness of I AM. This saturation can be directed into a specific body part, or generalized into all body parts. If this seems too ambiguous or woo-woo, flood the body and the affected part with feelings of love—nonjudgmental acceptance. This is your child, and approach and treat it as your child.

Eckhart Tolle's first book, The Power of Now, has some exceptionally clear discussion about this awareness and its healing aspects. (Unfortunately, his second new book falls very flat, clearly written by others, and was a waste of his time, so don't waste your money. Borrow it from the library.)

To reconnect the ailing body part, talk to it. Use any language that offers quiet compassion and sympathy and promises unfailing support and love. Ask it to come back and join the rest of the body, which loves and needs it, and is itself unwhole without it. This communication will most likely need to take place many, many times a day and over several days and even weeks. If the trauma, expressed as illness, pain, discomfort, numbness, etc., is entrenched enough in its isolation—often exacerbated further by miscommunication in the form of heavy medications, legal and otherwise, or neglect/abuse, deliberate and otherwise—the affected body area may have dissociated significantly so that it cannot hear or sense our reaching out to it. Here, "dissociated" means one can no longer feel it, for communication has been numbed out, and the part is disconnected. It needs to be plugged back in.

The approach to the body part may have to be like slowly making friends with a feral animal, gaining trust and acceptance. You are calling this abandonded, hurting child back into its parental arms—you. This takes time. Our current culture prefers "saving" time by other quick methods of relief that are essentially unloving acts, and the body area, as informed by the wisdom of innocence, will respond, in time, by continuing to waste away. The body part can talk back. It might take a while, so it needs coaxed and coddled—sing it a lullaby The response may be in the form of a sensory experience, inner pictures and sounds, perhaps memories and even words. Be quiet and listen; ask what it needs.Often the body part has been trying to get your attention, perhaps by moving itself in certain ways, and of which you've not been aware. Arny and Amy Mindell are psychologists who have uncovered a powerful form of therapy for the dream body called Process Oriented Psychology. Arny's books are especially useful in accessing the body's wisdom, and it's clear he and Amy are both intimately engaging with the imaginal.

I've seen back pain dissolve, sinus issues resolve, infections clear, and internal systems order re-establish itself. Psychologically, peace, serenity, and non-fear arise. Outer events will mirror the inner state. Unsolvable situations with resolve. Chrystalized anger will soften and dissipate. Paralyzed emotional and phsyical states will release. Eventually, perhaps even quickly, pain will disappear for short periods of time, and then may return. Diligence in the form of a committed relationship will be in order. This approach works for any relationship—with a hurting body part, with self and with others. On a higher order, long-distance healing can be achieved. This is nothing new and was expressed to a new art form in New Thought thinking, exemplified by Emmett Fox and others. New Thought is a form of imaginalism. It could be said to be prayer.

Next: Another method which might be called "do, not try." K. referred to it as "negation." It can be preceded by the above approach of flooding the material form with I AM Self Awareness, or not. It is akin to New Thought approaches but is on a very different level of the imaginal realms typically experienced by average persons on the terrestrial vibration levels.

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