Thursday, April 05, 2018

Beasty Love

A very brilliant and marvelous thing happens whenever we make that deeply true and intensive connection of love, interest and affection with those beings we know on our planet as animal creatures. Somewhere within the development of the affection, there are opportunities for kindling and then a sparking of the most eternal flame that courses through every single thing as Life. This spark is the attaching and nourishing force of love between human and animal. If acknowledged and received consciously, this little flame of love cannot help but to burn forever. Then, if both should, in their own innate way, so consciously choose, they will be able to bask in one another’s presence for eternity, for such a moments of eternity is eternity. Because a human being is the Eternal Source incarnate, such a Godly Being can consciously choose, in a single creative thought, to create a dwelling space to grow and evolve together forever — and merely upon invitation. This is, in certain ways, a very rare thing. Yet when such a moment occurs, do not doubt for one moment that this goes unnoticed by the innumerable beings in Spirit, who understand the energy of glory and the awe of wonder, and rejoice in such a newly created configuration of love.

In simpler words, we can extend an invitation to any animal to join with us in love and affection and activities, not just now on the earth, but moving forward into the next geography of the dwelling of Eternal Spirit. This can be done whether either of us is domestic or wild in the forests and fields. It does not matter if this animal being is one of fur or feather. It does not even matter if this being of fur or feather appears to be animated by life as we know it or think we know it. Even if, for example, you come upon what appears to be its lifeless body, large or small, you merely have to extend an invitation to it that you are offering it the opportunity to meet you in the immeasurable beauty of the spiritual dwelling in which you will take up habitation, upon leaving this particular geography and moving into the next one of The Eternal Summerland of Spirit.