Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From The Archives: Questioning Hash

[First posted 9/26/2010]

Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds
[photograph by Macorlin]

It would not be surprising to hear from many readers that there are a thousand questions about what lies within The Risen book.  Neither would it be unexpected to hear that it's difficult to know where to begin on what to ask, or how. We welcome correspondence and any honest and appropriate sharing of ideas and feelings, and have so far had the pleasure of being introduced to several individuals of fine intelligence and sensitivity. 

Regarding the several radio broadcasts where The Risen has been discussed, it's notable that the majority of questions asked of us so far have fallen within a very narrow range of subjects and ideas — so narrow that it wouldn't be incorrect to classify them as regrettably cliché. This limited aspect reflects our suggestion that much of the current global discussion about the deeper, relevatory aspects and implications of contact with the Risen has been found lacking, and is, as Melvin Morse once remarked to August, "not much more than a rehashing of all the old new-agey hash." (And he wasn't referring to the Moroccan or Lebanese variety.) We appreciate that the limitations are probably inevitable with many people who have not had the chance to go much deeper into the subject and have relied instead on a steady and unquestioned diet of hash as prepared by the media and various ego-self-proclaimed gurus. (The poverty of salient questions also suggests that some interviewers have not actually read the material, or much of it.)

Indeed, the truth and implications of spiritual immortality and transition are directly reflected by the language of the day, yet they continue to be discussed and presented in language of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and so this also explains the limited mindset of many. The Risen aspires to initiate and introduce the beginning of a new language for the 21st century terrestrial mind, which is changing rapidly with fewer hindrances by the day, mainly due to advances in technology. Because of this speeding up of human affairs, we firmly believe that the minds of many are ready or near-ready for some particularly advanced spiritual movement.

Tim and The Risen Collective have made it clear that the depth and complexity of the material is such that it will take a great many readers and a great deal of reading to be able to extract the more important, exquisite and outstanding implications interwoven throughout this orchestration, manifested in the form of a book; or, as one phrase in it often reminds the reader, of  "worlds within worlds within worlds." This multi-world concept is also an example of the form of language emerging from quantum mechanics.

For example, much of the possibly unfamiliar language in The Risen begins with established and newer psychological notions — or theories — of human behavior, as dictated by human mental development and whether it evolves, mutates, or transmutates into higher vibrating forms of energy. But it won't do to stay comfortably fixated on the established ways and means; we are talking about revolution.  (Here, "transmutate" is used to indicate the transition of the terrestrial ways of utilizing thought into Risen ways of utilizing thought.) It would seem that transmutation can only happen after one makes the transition from Earth to a Risen location. So one question that might arise from this idea is, "Can one experience a change of one's constantly rising thoughts to a new form of Rising thought, before transitioning to a Risen geography?" The material indicates that the answer is determined by the quality of many factors, primarily between limiting and non-limiting approaches to one's use of Mind. In plainer language: yes, and as dictated from within; from Authentic Self. The Risen book seeks to help those so interested in achieving inspiration about which personal, creative directions toward which to move, as well as to stimulate psychotherapists and other healing professionals to begin to expand their own inner worlds to the point where they being to touch those of their patients with a clarity of conscious awareness previously unknown. 

Other questions of relevance will hopefully begin to emerge and center on how therapists can move in this direction. This will be the subject of another posting just over the horizon, and August will provide some examples of how he works within his own psychotherapy practice, as well as to introduce the idea of a "Standards of Care."