Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Physical Mediumship

[Image: Medium David Thompson in Deep Trance, exuding ectoplasm]

As those who have read The Risen know, Tim was able to manifest as a material physical presence into this terrestrial dimension at various points over the years -- primarily as part of an ongoing sequence of experiments conducted by Risen Scientist-Healers interested in understanding the nature of higher, loving vibrations (or entanglement, as Melvin Morse would say). For now, that phase of the project is inactive, although other methods and theories are currently being pursued.

For those who are interested in the fascinating aspects of modern physical mediumship, a good place to start is with The Circle of the Silver Cord, an Australian organization which follows and documents the physical (materialization) mediumship of David Thompson. He's English but now lives in Australia. His particular mediumship utilizes ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is the medium’s life-force in physical form, and is what spirit individuals use to coat themselves with to have a physical presence. It's noted at this website that any kind of the usual channeling is cut out in the process, as the actual spirit is able to materialize and speak for themselves. After becoming a member at the site for free, one can then access audio recordings of various spirit people (or Risen, as we like to say). There is also a video image of William, David's spirit guide and mentor who conducts the seances and keeps everyone in line, when William was able to materialize during a session.

Michael Prescott blogs some of his thoughts from his detailed investigations into Thompson's work, which is worth looking at, as are the comments from his readers.

Zerdin Phenomenal, based in the UK, has brought David Thompson there to present mediumship demonstration events. They have been around for some time and exist to promote the development and use of healthy physical mediumship. Our friends Ros and Dennis, who are the backbone of the organization, are currently looking for US venues to bring similar events to the States.