Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Diakka - Some Posts

It's now December 2015, and just like 2013, the weather is unusually warm and very Autumn-like, rainy and quiet -- but I'm not feeling satisfied and not curmudgeonly, and studying peacefully in bed with cat feet-warmers and lots of good organic coffee. The Risen are nudging me to consider writing a monograph (a la Sherlock Holmes) about the Diakka, which apparently only Andrew Jackson Davis ever mentioned in some detail. There is a lot of information about them on our blog, and I've learned a lot more and can better articulate this information since I began writing about them here and there. The Diakka are increasingly making significant appearances in our world, mingling, teaching, teasing, tricking sometimes, but never malevolent; and yet nobody seems aware of them. This awareness is important because it would enable those of us on Earth to equalize the imbalance of power that the Diakka seek to acquire and thrive on for their own ego-satisfaction - which is harmless, really, but not fair in the game they seek to make us play without telling us that there is a game to begin with.

Fiona & McHenry

[First posted 10/6/13]

Since today is one of those quiet, rainy Autumn days, and I'm feeling cranky and critical -- or curmudgeonly, really --  I'm going to spend as much of it as I can in bed while I continue with my studies of the works of Thomas Troward, along with gallons of coffee and having my feet warmed by the cats.

If anyone feels like doing the same but needs something to read, we suggest looking at some of our posts for detailed info and brief mentions about the Diakka, who were first identified and written about by Andrew Jackson Davis.

The Posts:


At Tue Oct 08, 01:19:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Tyler B. said...

I've read all of these already. I love them all.

At Fri Oct 11, 03:20:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest curmudgeon -- you, with your coffee and your kittens on a dreamy NYC autumn day --
writing words that delight and amaze us.



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