Monday, April 12, 2010

You've always had the power to go back to Kansas

Still awaiting further "touches" by Tim regarding yesterday's ITC Moment. (See the previous blog.) Tim and I are nearly always in touch in exquisite and intimate mental and emotional ways, but his physical materializations all but stopped some years ago as he moved on to states far beyond the terrestrial plane. But for the past few months, he's been hinting that a "visit" is being planned, and while not defining its nature, I really want to assume it will be physical in some way.

As I explained to a friend, the recent ITC moment requires that one think like the Risen, which is often and seemingly opposite of ours in terms of "time" - yet another pun Tim is using, (he was a Master Punsman) -- so the original visual, "Visit Tim" could actually be read from right to left - "Tim Visit". Adding the "e" to Tim creates "Time" which is also adding a third word. So in sequence, it could be read, "Tim Visit Time" or in Risen Speak - Tim is coming in time, or Tim will be visiting soon.

But then, knowing Mr. Wit, (a play on his name we used to share) it probably is a nup (thanks, Rob) -- I'm just as in the dark as the next person about these things, and always learning. Often I'm wrong, due to the distraction, which seems to disengage my left brain so the right brain remains unsuspecting of what actually is coming. I wonder if even that makes sense?

I just hope Tim remembers to put on his ruby red slippers.