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From The Archives: Cristes Mæsse

[First posted 12/24/10 - a reader recently wrote about finding it "evocative" . . . the summer, as least in this part of the world, is past its zenith, and before we know it, we will be crossing the threshold of a new year. Perhaps this previous post can continue to offer some reflection of who and where we are, in this moment.]

When the tips of the pines
Touch the twinkling stars
On the cold, crisp nights of December,
May your blessings be more
Than you've ever hoped for,
And your Christmas a warmth to remember.

~ a poem on a card sent by Aunt Doris ~

For some reason, as I began cooking this morning of Christmas Day Eve, I was impressed to put on a CD of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor – a strange kind of music for Noël . . . nonetheless, it affects me deeply, evoking complex emotions, all tinged with sadness.

The turnips are peeled and roasting – my contribution towards tomorrow's cozy gathering of friends, coming together to celebrate many things – consciously aware living, loving, and sobriety. Together, we manifest and share a "field of gratitude" that spontaneously arises from our gathering together.

In The Risen, we explore the idea of "fields" – realities that interpenetrate our material one, and which we often can sense emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even physically. This idea is practically no longer abstract, but is quickly becoming a realized fact by primarily quantum scientists, many inspired by theoretical biologist Rupert Sheldrake's understanding that there is no "inside" or "outside" to one's mind. It is further noted in The Risen:
"Sheldrake suggests that memory is not stored in the brain, which is a kind of tuning system, rather than a device for storing memories. Our brain resonates within a morphic or morphogenic field. This resonance is a form-shaping field, an invisible organization structure wherein all experiential information is recorded and stored.
"Morphogenic fields are patterns that structure our reality. Older, primal societies have been well aware that the forms of our experiences are shaped by something greater than us, and of which we are simultaneously a part. Modern, 'civilized' societies have contracted the mind into the idea that the mind exists only within the confines of our physical skulls."
Sheldrake would likely agree with the idea of the spirit of a holiday—that it’s a morphic field containing the memories and rituals associated with that holiday.
Viewed from this perspective, the spirit within a human being resonates from within the larger spiritual morphogenic field. From their perspective, the Risen suggest that the so-called boundaries of any field are arbitrary and subject to one’s perceptual awareness, meaning that the fields are infinite in space and time. Thus, Risen fields interpenetrate non-Risen fields, which also interpenetrate." (pp. 137-138)
In 21st century terms, this is "non-locality". Non-locality is one of several important principles of quantum physics, and has given rise to the concept of nonlocal space, explained by Pim van Lommel, MD as “ … a multidimensional space, with nothing but possibilities … and without certainties, without matter, and without a role for time and distance … (and) represents a hidden reality that, at the quantum level, exerts a continuous influence on our physical world, which is the complement of nonlocal space."  While interpenetrating the local consciousness of the physical brain, non-local consciousness expands unbounded beyond it, and is believed by many to support perceptual reality. This concept underlies theories about after-life survival, remote viewing, and other out-of-body experiences. (From his book, Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience, pp. 227-28) [Highly recommended.]

 Mozart claimed that he heard the music in his head and that all he had to do was transcribe it; he did this in near-perfect notation in a very brief window of time. Van Lommel suggests that such creativity, inspiration, and sudden scientific insight might be explained by unconscious, or even conscious contact with non-local consciousness. His book explores in great detail how near-death experiences bring the person into contact with other fields of consciousness – other worlds – in this way.

It's clear to me that I'm experiencing "fields within fields" – or worlds within worlds, as the Risen say. Obviously I'm not in the land of sleigh bells and candy canes, but somewhere in the Deep. I wonder what is is that  I'm accessing in the field of Mozart's Requiem. As I ponder more I begin to realize that there is sadness is the memory of the story of a little baby who will grow up, and as a young man,  "die" a seemingly tragic, lonely death, abandoned by the world he loved so much; I think of his mother as well. Mozart was dying as he struggled to finish this piece, and transitioned before it could be completed. He captured these complex ego-mind feelings of  the direct experience of his own transition, along with the "tragedy and loss" that are believed to be inseparable by death. Surrounding Requiem is much controversy and confusion, unanswered questions and myth. While the story of the man who was also a Christ clearly embodies the almost inconceivable news that there is no death, only more life, much myth and confusion surround the drama as well.

Many fields of spirituality and religion converge around this time of the year, a few according to the light reaching the earth from the sun, and others because someone once did or said something that continues to resonate with millions of still earth-bound souls. One funny question that I get asked often is about my "religion": "Are you Christian? Jewish? Buddhist? Pagan? Democrat? Vegetarian?"  My answer has always been the same: "I don't remember." There is the potential for magic and miracles of wonder in them all. Krishnamurti once said,  "Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples." He also said, "I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect."

The Requiem's saddening minor chords of the last movement of the sequence, the Lacrimosa, breaks off after only eight bars, unfinished. One can only wonder if Mozart was simultaneously having near-death experiences as he struggled to complete his mission. He transitioned on December 5, 1791. Perhaps I'm accessing something of his world, his field, his non-locality while listening to his final offering to our terrestrial world. The lovely little Christmas card from my Aunt Doris also brings me in contact with some kind of field. Now in her upper-eighties, she is one of the few remaining, older relatives still on the earth (once there were so very many!) There is, at first, sadness with this thought, but if I stay with the sadness, while letting the ego-mental thinking fade away, I'm brought to an awakened awareness of Authentic Self, and then through some sort of door, an entryway into a deeper aspect of another reality, and more light begins to shine through what I first perceived as shadow. This is the door to the Risen lands, and not only light, but laughter and joy beam forth from it, and suddenly I begin to understand the meaning of Cristes mæsse, which means literally, "the anointed one's mission." We all have this mission, as anointed with spirit by Creator Source, to find the door to Home, for "blessings more than we ever hoped for."

Tim made his transition on a Christmas Eve, falling deeply asleep here and slowly awakening there. Although my mental grief about it has been worked through over the years, and it seems nothing more than the dream it was, my body still remembers in its own way, and accesses biological fields that are inherently part of a terrestrial existence. So a little sadness is there too, wistfulness, really, which also becomes a door to where Tim actually is now, the present, which is all we every really have.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cassadaga ... "Water Under the Rocks" at FEG

[First posted October 2013]

Thank you to my very dear friends at Felix Experimental Group, for their kind support and mention of my paper about the sittings I was at with FEG when they were in the U.S. — I am looking forward to their return next year!

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Pie In The Sky

[First posted 11/29/16]

Olivia: "How does it feel to be dying? "
William: "It feels... like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and... I'm trying to catch them. When my granddaughter falls asleep in my lap, I try to catch the feeling of her breathing against me. And when I make my son laugh, I try to catch the sound of him laughing. How it rolls up from his chest. But the pieces are moving faster now, and I can't catch them all. I can feel them slipping through my fingertips. And soon where there used to be my granddaughter breathing and my son laughing, there will be... nothing. Oh—I know it feels like you have all the time in the world—but you don't. So stop playing it so cool. Catch the moments of your life. Catch them while you're young and quick. Because sooner than you know it, you'll be old … and slow. And there'll be no more of them to catch. And when a nice boy who adores you offers you pie, say thank-you."
~ “Pilgrim Rick” This Is Us (television series) ~
"Strange times," everyone seems to be muttering these days, with occasional outbursts of frightened tears, worry about the future ... "time is running out" ...   A reader of The Risen writes to us:

“I have been feeling very discouraged by the realization that our world is not at all what we think it is. The reality is just a facade hiding the real power behind the scenes. It is so overwhelming, it is beyond my reach. It is so terrible to see the greed and selfishness of a few ruining the lives of so many, killing so many. People’s misplaced value system, ignorance, and inability to think and discern the truth make it seem impossible that we can ever change the world for the better.
“I feel it’s hopeless. I wonder if the next world will really be any different or not. How could people change their nature just because they have crossed over to the spirit world? Do you have any insight on that from speaking with the Risen?”
There is such an interesting mixture of dimensional aspects in your words of expression here—of fear and worry as generated by the undisciplined ego-mind, and those of your Authentic Self, so wise and comforting from its infinitely expanded perspective.
For example, your Immortal Self reveals its awareness of a higher reality or “power behind the scenes” after openly stating your inner-felt truth that our world is not what we think it is. Your Higher Self is showing Itself here in all Its warm brilliance to help you to not forget this Higher Reality, and further remind us that our thoughts  must always be chosen carefully and consciously.
Because what we focus on magnifies, let’s consciously choose in this present moment to look at the wisdom that is peeking here from behind the veils, which is another symbol for “façade” as you say. In this context, “veils” are another way to say “beliefs,” which are composed of gathered thoughts repeated over and over, intensified and glued together by emotion, and then accepted as learned by the brain. When there are beliefs that are conflicting with one another, seemingly by positive and negative words, confusion arises from the misalignment. 
What is fear? It is actually quite simple, although our ego-mind has been programmed almost from the beginning of our physical life to make it increasingly complex and thus unmanageable. There are only two aspects of physical fear that our biological bodies have evolved—that of loud noises and of falling—and so our bodies reflexively flinch at a loud noise or recoil from an uncomfortable height, whether or not we want to. It also seems that darkness can overwhelm and frighten our bodies, because of the illusion of distance it conveys to our physical senses—or “False Evidence Appearing Real.” When we are misaligned from misperception and misinterpretation, we become afraid of falling from our celestial height. The veils of our beliefs keep us from correctly seeing that all is well.
Our words and the ways in which we use them can be perceived as instruments or weapons. The idea of “instruments or weapons” sounds like one of positive versus negative. But as the light of unafraid, conscious awareness is turned upon any alleged darkness it will be seen that so-called negative forces are actually positive ones waiting in the shadows to be revealed. The weapons have always been instruments or tools from the very beginning.
Negative language is positive language trying to reveal itself—if we let it. This essentially means that there is really no such thing as something separate from positive called “negative,” although our minds are able to make a decision that seems to make such a separation appear as real. Rather, it means there is positively only one power in the Universe, which we can experience in an infinite number of individual ways. This One Positive Power is All of Life; All There Is. This Life is also our life, and our Risen Loved One’s lives. There is no “death” but simply and only transition and relocation from one form of life to another form.
Attention is being drawn here to the power of belief which can and does assign the labels of positive and negative from an infinite, non-material place that we sometimes call emotional and psychological. In other words, our beliefs are much more powerful than the laws of the material world, for while beliefs can be limiting, they are forever unlimited.
All this is potentially realizable here on Earth to a higher degree than most of us might suspect, and we don’t have to transition out of these physical bodies in order to rise to such higher states of awareness—although it is likely that most of us maintain the belief that all really is lost and hopeless and we can only be rescued and saved by relocating to a Risen existence beyond this terrestrial geography. This is another way of saying that, what you are calling “nature”—can be changed. It cannot not be changed, for the Universe is expansion: mutation, evolution, and relocation. We are not speaking of what humankind experiences as “Laws of Nature” which supposedly never change. They do, but as we are the Nature which is also the Law, as we change, the law changes. This has been stated in many ways over many millennia, but has become so veiled by different belief systems that the original meaning has been lost in the mists. The most straightforward way of stating it now would be that “First comes the Word, and from the Word, unfolds the Law.” And so our word—which includes our thoughts— manifest the reality of appearances according to our belief. Change your belief, change your word, and change your world.
Many—if not most—people will awaken into the Risen state of being pretty much as they were when they left it. More often than not a person of 21st century Earth is likely to have so little knowledge and understanding of the transition process—and what to expect—that their own relocation to Risen geographies results in partial or even full paralysis rather than independent freedom. This is a result of having lived a mostly fear-based life on Earth and not resolving and transforming the fear during the time spent there, as well as neglecting the nurturing of their spiritual bodies. They then appear to arrive in underdeveloped spirit bodies, and in some cases malformed or barely formed. Tim reports that many arrive in their new geography manifesting as not much more than a seed form. Well … his actual words were “a dried up peach pit.”
Sounds like bad news, doesn’t it? Here’s the good and only news—such relocated individuals aren’t really peach pits at all—we are the whole pie. Their habitual Earthly beliefs of lack and limitation, as well as non-beliefs and fear about what happens after they “die” result in false assumptions of little or no self-worth. Such misaligned assumptions of worthlessness allow them to appear as illusorily malformed or even unformed, but in reality they are already intensely brilliant, priceless celestial diamonds—as are we all. This realization of infinite worth to which the Risen strive to awaken them is achieved by helping them discover how to release their own self-inflicted paralysis.
Such cases are often taken to beautiful “greenhouses” where they are given the proper light and nourishment that they denied or were denied while on Earth. This process requires specialized Risen adjusters who utilize advanced arts of light and sound vibration to stimulate and maintain growth of the malnourished spiritual energies—and even we can assist them, with our prayers and thoughts of light-filled freedom sent their way.

 Another wisdom suggestion that is liberally sprinkled like sparkly sugared stars throughout ancient texts is, "Fear not." These are perhaps the finest two words we can place in the forefront of our mind, right between the eyes. Can we not find our way to repeating them enough times that they become embedded in our poor little peach of a brain, to become and grow into a vision of the celestial diamond that each one of us really, truly is? The ancient texts are also prepared for when we begin to argue for our limitations, when we say we think we cannot accomplish this: "I am. Therefore I can. Therefore I will."

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trumpeting to the East

Several readers were very interested in hearing about the recent trumpet activity in the sitting we mentioned in the last blog.  Here is a photo of them after the sèance when the lights came back on. Our sittings last for an hour, and about 5 minutes before closing I had thought I had heard a slight shuffling noise on the floor where the trumpets were, and perhaps this was when they were moved.

Both Trumpets A and B were aligned facing magnetic North, indicated by the large "X" where there are lines in the floor formed where floorboards join. The red lines show how both trumpets moved a perfect 45 degree arc to direct East.

Note that Trumpet A has a thin line of glow tape encircling its base, with a wider piece of the tape also added, and a straight pencil line drawn through it (the red arrow is pointing at it) and which was used to align with the floorboard's juncture line. This extra piece of wider glow tape was placed there by Spirit during our fourth session nearly two years ago, which they had retrieved from a closed box where I had put some of the tape scraps; Spirit then also drew the pencil line on the tape! Although it can't be seen in this photo, another pencil line was drawn along the edge of the wide bit of tape where it contacts the floor. There were no pencils in the room at the time, which had been blacked out and the only entryway securely shut.

Originally there had been glow tape on Trumpet B, but Spirit indicated we should cover it up,as they felt the external light was distracting us from keeping focused on our inner senses.

These trumpets are plastic and very light, and were constructed for us by the medium Tim Doyle, Chesterfield, UK. We have experimented with affixing light strips of aluminum on the insides, and also spray the insides with a misting of water before each sitting.

Our trumpets were lined up with magnetic North to synchronize them with the crystals in the dome. The crystals are aligned with north/east/west/south directions, as guided by Robin Foy,  For this most recent sitting, the table upon which the dome rests had been moved toward a new position in the room as mentally requested by Spirit, and perhaps this is somehow connected with the renewed trumpet movement, as the trumpets had been "silent" for quite some time.

The crystals in the dome are known as Herkimer Diamonds, a very unique quartz crystal found only in Herkimer County, New York. Spirit had requested that we use only crystals that come from near where we were sitting, a seemingly very odd request, as none of us had ever heard of any such mineral mines in New York State. Brief research revealed there were such crystals, and what crystals they are! According to Crystal Vaults they are used as "attunement stones". Their "memory storage" serves the purpose for energy accumulation as well. Further:
Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" are the high energy seekers of the crystal world. Unusually transparent with a brilliant sparkle, they manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, and are used in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications.

The Spirit orchestrated my finding a very well-known private gem merchant right here in NYC who happened to have exactly the right number of crystals needed, and, for some unknown reason, at greatly reduced cost for these particular stones.

So it can be seen why Spirit has chosen them for us. Above is a photo of the 5 dome crystals, charging in the morning sun. They are strange because they have two termination points, and always have 18 facets. I was fortunate at being led to a beautiful "Herk" pendant, set in silver, at the crystal store in Lily Dale.

 Finally, here is a link to an article recently published in the newsletter of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute by Craig Hogan, sharing some info about our circle and another who are experience some fascinatingly new approaches to mediumship as orchestrated by Spirit.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winter Solstice ~ Beauty in The Darkness

Milioni di Orvs ~ "Millions of Orbs"
© photo by Shannon Taggart, Sardinia 2015

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned
that there was in me an invincible summer.”
~ Albert Camus ~

The small mediumship circle that I sit with recently had some development with the two trumpets that are a regular part of the sitting. We always align them with specific positions where they rest on the floor, in a way that shows a particular point on them faces direct North. This is to associate them with the glass dome that rests on a table in the center of the circle, and which holds 5 “Herkimer Diamond” quartz crystals, four of which are aligned in a North/South/East/West configuration, while the larger, center crystal is aligned with North/South. Although the trumpets have slightly moved before in the quirky ways that Spirit likes to do, they have remained stationary for many months. And lo! After the lights came on at the end of our last sitting, we were startled to see that the trumpets had not only moved several inches away from their positions, but each had rotated a perfect 45 degrees so that they were now precisely facing East. Perceived more closely, their movement actually outlines a small and gentle spiral. We have mused about this action for several weeks now, wondering if this was some kind of message. My ponderings led me to a long-forgotten reminiscence, which then led to this writing … so perhaps this was our Spirit Team’s intention all along. Or at least part of it, for another message always there is that Spirit moves in mysterious ways
I found myself immersed in one of my most cherished memories of childhood Christmases—that of my grandmother playing and singing “Star of The East” on the timeworn upright piano in her parlor. I was likely no more than five years old. The fragrant scotch pine in the corner was alight with large, old-fashioned bulbs, and wrapped in many narrow garlands of silver tinsel that was made from actual tin. It was also encircled by strings of popcorn and cranberries some of my cousins had made for it. Resting peacefully on top of the piano was a tiny cardboard village of houses and a church with snow-capped roofs, illuminated by tiny lights inside.
A medium herself—albeit a timid, reluctant one—my Grandma was completely untrained and couldn't read music, yet somehow just knew how to play the piano with great accomplishment. She never had a voice lesson in her life either, but still sang with complete abandon to the spirit of the song. I had never seen or heard this side of her before, and became completely entranced by Spirit as she sang.
This shortbut enchanting video of a Mennonite family singing it at their kitchen table comes close to capturing the sense of Spirit moving through voices raised in song.

Star of the East, Oh Bethlehem's star,
Guiding us on to Heaven afar!
Sorrow and grief and lull'd by thy light,
Thou hope of each mortal, in death's lonely night!

Fearless and tranquil, we look up to Thee!
Knowing thou beam'st thro' eternity!
Help us to follow where Thou still dost guide,
Pilgrims of Earth so wide.

Star of the East, un-dim'd by each cloud,
What tho' the storms of grief gather loud?
Faithful and pure thy rays beam to save,
Still bright o'er the cradle, and bright o'er the grave!
Smiles of a Saviour are mirror'd in Thee!
Glimpses of Heav'n in thy light we see!
Guide us still onward to that blessed shore,
After earth's toil is o'er!

Star of the East, thou hope of the soul,
While round us here the dark billows roll,
Lead us from sin to glory afar,
Thou star of the East, thou sweet Bethlehem's star.

Oh star that leads to God above!
Whose rays are peace and joy and love!
Watch o'er us still till life hath ceased,
Beam on, bright star, sweet Bethlehem star!

~ Lyricist George Cooper, 1890. Music Amanda Kennedy, 1883. ~
There has been an unprecedented amount of fear on this planet for quite some time, especially this past year. This hymn soothes us with the promise that the storms of grief cannot dim the promise of the Star of the East, and that we can rest assured that our fears will fade and our hearts return to the true tranquility that is the birthright of each and every person on this planet.
Purposely focusing our consciousness into an increasing mindless circling of fearful thinking will intensify the mindlessness and the fear, a downward spiraling that takes us further and further away from the light of pure, unafraid consciousness. This descent into mental darkness is not only unnecessary, it is a denial of the Light, which is All There Is. “Darkness” is but a misperception caused by certain beliefs that become the veils we place or allow to be placed over our spiritual vision. Because we think we cannot see anymore, we decide that we are “lost.”
And because we have also decided that we are powerless—another belief of misperception—we allow ourselves to be pulled further into the mindless darkness until we hit a kind of bottom, where we black out in some psychospiritual way. “Psychospiritual” means inwardly and privately experienced, but not necessarily outwardly, physically observable. The misperception, a “mis-seeing” has often been referred to as “sin”—a word whose roots mean “missing the target.” Not just missing the bull’s-eye, but missing the entire target altogether. Of course, how could we aim our intentions of good, for a life of well-being, if we cannot see because of the veils we have allowed to fall over our spiritual eyes? The center of the target is none other than our Self, and is our direct awareness of Self-Divinity. Not being able to connect with the center of our self-intention also increases the sensations of helplessness and hopelessness. The joy of being Centered seems lost forever. We then begin to tell this story of darkness over and over until it becomes etched into our brain, like the grooves of a vinyl record, or the magnetic impressions on a computer disc, and our story of everlasting life has now been turned into one that includes the belief in an inevitable darkness and death.
Ancient people drew a correlation between this inner, psychospiritual descent into darkness and their outer material experience of our planet’s seeming withdrawal from the light, culminating in the winter’s solstice. They also noticed that this shortest day of the year—the “bottom”—did not go on forever but then began to become illuminated once again by the Sun’s return. The Sun had never actually abandoned them; it had been there all the time. But because of their seemingly stationary position on a seemingly unmoving Earth, it only appeared as if the Light had deserted them. They had mistakenly placed the evidence of their physical experience over the evidence of their spiritual understanding, forgetting that the Light is always there, always available. The joy of living had become the worry of uncertainty and the fear of death. All along, there was beauty in the darkness.
Certain wise souls amongst these ancient people saw how quickly we can forget about the Light by our increasingly paying attention to, or focusing on, the contrasting play of light as it differentiates our world of forms, which we label as “shadows” and “darkness.” When it seems like a situation becomes “less light” most people somehow quickly forgot that this doesn’t mean the light is going away. It wasn’t so long ago when people even became anxious when watching the sun leave them over the western horizon. Indeed, in some cultures, it is still said that a person “goes West” when they transition and relocate via the darkest shadow known as “death.”
The ancient wise ones redirected everyone’s attention by pointing outward and up, toward the horizon that was also always there before them. And lo! There appeared a Star in the East, which had been rising all that time right behind them, but they had been too focused on watching the sun apparently abandoning them in the West. This star was also referred to as “the Christ within us”—or in other words, The Forever-Risen Light, or “the nonexistence of darkness.”
As with all spiritual words that attempt to articulate non-verbal spiritual truths, the word “Christ” is complex and meant to convey a particular emotional energy that vibrates at a certain level. It is vibration that conveys information to us not only through our physical senses which interpret and manifest form, but also through our spiritual senses which manifest that which is beyond form—but not separated from—the fullness of our individual experience of Life.
“Christ” is a Greek word that means “The Anointed One.” Anointing is a symbolic physical act of placing a little oil on someone’s forehead, where the seat of consciousness was sometimes believed to reside. The Greeks knew all about oil, especially that pressed from olives. The olives had to be crushed in a labor-intensive procedure, and even then, the result was still a bitter liquid, clouded by unwanted substances and contaminates, which then had to be filtered out through even more rigorous labor. Who wouldn’t be clouded by such bitterness after getting crushed by something seemingly more powerful than us, and against our will? Who wouldn’t most likely resist allowing that higher power to continue to mess around with us, filtering our lives through ever-more refining life circumstances? Surrender my bitterness? No way! Everyone knows, or should know, that life is nothing but a bitter bowl of olives.
The good news that the wise ones might want to convey about anointing is that we don’t have to go through a life-crushing process in order to find relief. The pure oil—sweet, clear, and never bitter—has already been prepared. In fact, it was always pure to begin with. No matter how often we forget this, if we can find a way to remember it, which is letting ourselves be touched or anointed by the purest of thoughts and feelings, the living of life will become sweet once again.

Material, earthly life often distracts us from the light and sweetness of our spiritual existence. The sun, the moon, and the stars are there to help us remember this. Let us set our intention to remember to look outward and upward at least twice a day—once in the morning and again at night. Know that even as we appear to be falling asleep, we are also waking up. The afterlife is not something that is going to happen—it is happening now. When we can live more and more in the mindful awareness that our story is one of never-ending awakening, we will become anointed by the ecstasy of our own spirit, enjoined with The Cosmos, never to be separated unless that is what we might want. And if that should be the case, may we rest in the knowing that there will always be kind and watchful Helpers in Spirit, awaiting for us to give them a sign that we are ready to wake up at any time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Bangs Sisters: New Book!

If you enjoyed Riley Heargerty's outstanding book on the direct voice medium, Emily French (The French Revelation, available on Amazon) you will be thrilled to know that he has released a new book about the Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters!

Portraits From The Beyond has been long overdue!

Victor Zammit, Tim and I were privileged to read the pre-published manuscript, and provided back-cover endorsements, and we so highly recommend it. Available in print and electronic form.

Also here is the link to the author's blog about his writings.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Authentic Self Asleep or Awake?

Sydney, a reader, asks,

"Do you think the Authentic Self can be awakened by mystical practices such as in advaita vedanta i.e the non-dual school of mysticism?"

Sydney - If I am correctly discerning those Risen with whom I communicate, this is what they have shared and will be in the forthcoming new book, with a great deal more about the subject.
 "Authentic Self has been called the Hidden Observer, Higher Self, Higher Power, the Oversoul—there are as many ways to label it as there are individuals to say it. Stilling the incessant criticism of ego-mind will eventually result in an awakening to Authentic Self—yet not an awakening of it, for it is already awake and just seems hidden because it is much quieter than ego-mind. Sometimes this hiddenness is interpreted as being asleep, but Authentic Self can’t really be said to be asleep or awake in the way we on Earth can be, because that state which we want to call “awake” as contrasted with “not awake” does not exist on a pendulum of is or is-not—there are no pendulums in the full awareness of Self."