Friday, September 28, 2018

Interview 9/18 - We Don't Die Radio

August Goforth was the guest of Sandra Champlain at "We Don't Die Radio." A deepening discussion of physical mediumship.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

August Goforth Interview, 8/2018

Join Joel Ayala Ayapana for many countless, inspiring, and thought-provoking interviews, such as this nearly 2 hour exploration with August Goforth.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

New book by N. Riley Heagerty

Spectral Evidence Volume II has just been released. 

"Prepare yourself again for the mind-staggering eyewitness accounts of some of the greatest mediums who manifested spirit phenomena within the astounding records of Historic Spiritualism."

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Parable of the Angel

            A parable is told of an angel who came to visit the earth. He found himself in the usual stream of human activities and he listened to the conversations of people. For the first time he heard negative comments. Someone who was supposed to be an authority said that there might be a war and human life would be destroyed. And he read in the newspaper of a great epidemic of illness. And someone who certainly should have known explained in great detail that the financial hardships were certain to limit all of us. He heard that there was not enough good to go around, the world was not going to be able to produce enough food for everyone, and people were going to starve to death.
            He began to wonder if these things might not be true, and even as he entertained the thoughts of negation to which he was listening, the brightness of his angelic presence faded into dark shadows. His form seemed to shrivel, and looking at himself he saw that he was dressed as a human being, walking the earth in fear, doubt, and uncertainty.
            And so the weary years went by, years of unhappiness and impoverishment and dread, years so filled with anxiety that he wished he were dead, that some oblivion might forever swallow him up. And yet, even in the midst of all this, something within him remembered that he was once an angel of God, living in a heaven of Beauty and a place of Peace and Joy, living in a Garden of Eden which God had provided for him. And, remembering, a determination arose within him to somehow or other find his way back to this lost paradise.
            This determination grew into a great hope, and as hope was renewed, a Light seemed to shine in the distance; and he seemed to have the courage to travel toward the Light. And gradually a miracle took place. As he traveled toward the Light, he found that shadows were being cast behind him, until finally he so completely entered into the Light that no shadows were cast at all, and he realized that he had been asleep, that he had had a bad dream from which he was awakening.
            To what extent are we all dreaming, and in our dreams seeing the monsters with terrible forms that we have unconsciously built up in our own minds? And we too are asking these forms, “What are you going to do with me? What terrible future do you have in store? What awful experiences are to come now?”
            Perhaps we are still asleep and have not had quite the courage to ask these phantom forms what they are going to do with us, or to listen to the only reply they can make: “There is nothing we can do to you. What are you going to do to us? We are your own creations, you know.”
            St.Paul said, It is high time to awake out of sleep. So let us wake up, and let us be certain that we no longer drug ourselves with the sleeping potion of fear and uncertainty and doubt, but awake into faith and confidence, into peace and joy, into love and happiness. For there is something in us, too, like the angel in the fable, that has never forgotten. There is a Silent Witness at the center of every man’s being which evermore proclaims with the great and beautiful Jesus: Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

From Living in the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Spiritual Ether & A Seance Invocation

Below are the opening and closing prayers we use for our circle, Inwood Experimental Portal Group.  

Regarding the idea and use of "spiritual ether", we are taking our cue directly from the wonderful book, The Mediumship of Arnold Clare, by Harry Edwards, (1942) which goes into great detail about such things as ether, ectoplasm, the astral, etc. as presented by Spirit Participators at various sittings. Here is what the Spirit, "Peter" says about ether and which inspired the Invocation below, as transmitted to August during one of the circle's past sittings. (pdf of the book accessed here) - there are some extraordinary photos of ectoplasm levitation of furniture and trumpets at the end of the book.

Other writings you may find of interest are available at The Risen Books website.

“When you breathe in always through the nostrils, you are not only inhaling the air but also the ether stream - the free ether. Now that ether is characterless, it has no character of itself; but as it passes through the sieve, as it were - the 'sieve' I said - it receives its character impressed upon it by the mentality of the breather. This is important. As the nostrils are the filters for the atmosphere necessary for the wellbeing of the body, so are they the filters for the ether rejecting all things that are inimical to the individual, whilst passing on those things that are good. But it works both ways, for it rejects also those things which cannot be appreciated by the individual - that is, things spiritual.
 “Therefore in this practice with inhalation and exhalation the mind should be gently focused upon the ‘all-greatness’ of the spirit. It has the effect of creating those conditions which, individually, we have to create ourselves. “The way of achievement by this method, intelligently applied, ensures permanency and good health, which, you will notice, many mediums lack.” Peter was asked to give further information as to what is received and what is rejected as the ether stream is inhaled. Peter:
 “The best way to answer is this. The ether stream which is taken into the system through breathing is characterless in itself. When it has been breathed in through the normal act of inhalation, it is impressed by the thought and character of the individual. That is understood. Therefore by rendering that etheric content more potent, more vital, through control of thought in breathing, you can transform that stream of ether into a veritable dynamic force. We have already spoken of the etheric body and the soul body - they both depend upon the ether inhaled with ordinary breathing for their vitality and sustenance. The more it is impressed with noble thoughts consciously directed, the more will the sub-conscious mind be brought into line with things spiritual. Therefore instead of having a part of your ‘household’, as it were, against you, you make of the soul a strong ally - the three of you (physical, spiritual and soul bodies) working all together, as a whole. For it must be remembered that the soul is the repository of all the experiences to do with the natural world and that world only. Therefore its desires are primitive; it is selfish. It is controlled by two strict laws, that of attraction and that of repulsion - which is oft-times the progenitor of hatred. That is one part.
 “By breathing rhythmically, the physical body profits from the air you breathe because it is taken in steadily; and therefore the heart motion is more regular with the steady supply of oxygen. The ether which is inhaled with it does not go into the lungs. It is retained by a sieve. The sieve is contained at the root of the nose, and it is from there it is dispersed. There it receives the impression of the thought intention - so far as psychic work is concerned. That is most important. Not only is it important in the way of physical health, but it also gives a greater etheric vitality. I think this answers the other part of the question.
 “When you breathe, it is to breathe with intention and to say, ‘with each breath I breathe the spirit of life’, ‘Each breath makes me free’, ‘Each breath makes me stronger spiritually and physically’. It is not altogether what you would term auto-suggestion, although it is true there is an element of that; but the idea is to impress the breath with your character, your idea of the moment. You can use it for weal or woe.” 


We gather here now to join together for the purpose of development, to learn and communicate together in happy harmony and peace, and to help build spiritual portals between worlds.

We ask our Guides & Guardians in Spirit to watch over this place, protect this space with the highest of energies around us.

We invite and welcome all those who are interested in our highest good and that of the Universe, including Spirits of Nature and of Animal Beings. We ask that you make your presence and identity known in any way possible.

We breathe in the spirit ether of the innermost energies of the fiery core of this planet, Earth.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the geological pressures of the mineral kingdoms beneath the surface of the Earth
We breathe in the spirit ether of the ebb and flow of the crash and thunder of the ocean’s waves.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the ever enfolding light of the sun, the moon and the stars of the celestial.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the living energies of all plant life, germinating in the seed, sprouting from the soil, blossoming with leaves, flowers and fruit into the light of the sun, moon and stars.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the ever moving caress of the smallest breezes, the gathering thunder and lightning of the greatest of storms, and the billowing locomotion of the greatest winds of the North, South, East and West.
We breathe in the spirit ether of all vigorous and vibrant animal life in which we are immersed.
We  breathe in the spirit ether of all the seen and unseen energies that our loving friends in Spirit bring to us, now and in this coming hour.

We leave all our concerns and worries outside this room for now, knowing we sit in the warm and safe embrace of Spirit Love, as we ask you to help us raise our vibration in order to link with yours.

We thank you, friends in Spirit for your love, guidance and support, amen.


We close this circle and all portals now with joy, love and gratitude to our friends in Spirit, and ask that you continue to watch over and guide us as we leave to go about our worldly lives.

We thank you, friends in Spirit for your love, guidance and support, amen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Grief can be so disabling ...

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The Paradox of Grief

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Monday, June 11, 2018

The Healing Aspect of Negation

[First posted 2/4/06]

 "All it takes to fly is to hurl yourself at the ground...and miss."
 (From The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) Douglas Adams — Life, the Universe, and Everything

Years ago, in my early teens, I was given instruction by some Risen guides. This astral experience was powerful and impressionable, but it did not seem applicable to my life as it was then. The memory of the instruction faded, only to come back to me at particularly stressful times in my life. While it is quite true that, as a powerful, positive experience it gave me strength at such times, it has only been recently that I've come to see that it also played a role in eventually guiding me to comprehend "negation" and the use of it in my manifested earthly experience. The sharing of my comprehension here may be but a small, faint light in this veiled world, yet my wish is that I might be able to share this in some way that may resonate for others and aid them in their own transmutation and eventual transition.

Briefly, the instruction was on changing my form from a human to that of a dragon. I wasn't shown how, or given advice, but simply told to "do." (Remember Yoda?) I did everything—from wrinkling my brow, to crossing my eyes, holding my breath, forcing my mind to "do it." Nothing worked. It seemed impossible.

I continued to receive the directive "just do it" over and over, stronger and stronger. The pressure became such that I forgot about the fact that I was not a dragon, which then ended the pressure, and suddenly, I had negated any thought — which as words might look like "*****" — and I was at once a dragon.

It was astonishing, exhilarating, and made me laugh and laugh and laugh with joy. I had uncovered the way to negate one assumed reality in order to affirm another! 1

"Total negation is the essence of the positive. When there is negation of all those things that thought has brought about psychologically, only then is there love, which is compassion and intelligence." — Krishnamurti

The above is from a larger piece K. once wrote in summing up the core of his teachings, as subtext to the main idea that "truth is a pathless land."

"Negation" seems an odd concept, even a difficult one. His words above appear simple and easy to read. To actually negate something, especially if one believes that things exist, may not seem easy, and so one just reads and nods or wonders. K. refers to love, compassion and intelligence. These are not things, and exist outside or beyond thought. When brought together, like separate atoms to make a molecule whereby something else can then descend into the openness as new, they constitute wholeness — which could be said to be health and healing.

What is it that is negated? Thought. Thought is not love, nor can thought create love, for love simply is. Love is the same as I AM. Each of us, then, simply is. K. once elaborated:

"In love there is no attachment; if there is attachment there is no love. There has been the removal of the major factor through negation of what it is not, through the negation of attachment. I know what it means in my daily life: no remembrance of anything my wife, my girl friend, or my neighbour did to hurt me; no attachment to any image thought has created about her; how she has bullied me, how she has given me comfort, how I have had pleasure sexually, all the different things of which the movement of thought has created images; attachments to those images has gone.

".....So, through negation of what is not love, love is. I do not have to ask what love is? I do not have to run after it. If I run after it, it is not love, it is a reward. So I have negated, I have ended, in that enquiry, slowly, carefully, without distortion, without illusion, everything that it is not—the other is." (italics mine) 2

It's not my intention to analyze and explain what K. means here, but to emphasize those few things I italicized—"no remembrance of anything", "no attachment to any image", and "without illusion, everything that it (love) is not."

Regarding thought, K. has some guidance:

"So love means freedom from all conflict. It's not a negative state, but negation can lead to the positive....Through thought you cannot achieve the immensity of life."
(Question: So we have to move beyond thought?)
"Yes. Thought is necessary to learn language. To go from here to there, thought is necessary. But psychologically, inwardly, thought has no place."

I was not led to my particular solution of the problem of healing by negation by K., but by Risen guides and guardians. Their teaching was experiential and achieved by words. K.'s words, however, apply to my experience, and so they are purposeful here.

My particular healing problem materialized as a genetic and chronic neurological condition that was increasingly disrupting the balance of my life, and for many years. It was when the condition began to become disabling that I reached what Gurdjief and Ouspensky might have called the "shock to the next octave" and E. Douglas Fawcett and C. Raynor Johnson would have recognized as an "inducement to novelty". Essentially, I was "forced" (meaning some force pressured me) by having to make a choice between a life-long medication whose side-effects would have eventually created a new disabling— or no medication and endure the condition.

My response was anger, which gave rise to negation of the illusion of the condition — because I said "no." Not "no" to the medication, or even to the condition. I said "no" to the illusion. I negated the attachment, as K. says. The illusion that was my affliction did not exist in my mind anymore. It no longer had my permission to exist. Under the pressure of my anger, I forgot about it. Not only did it not exist anymore, it had never existed. It could never have existed before if it was not to exist now, or ever.

Of course, the illusion returned in a short time. Sometimes partially but usually briefly. If I said "yes" to this in some way, mainly by giving any attention to it, the illusion stayed. If I said "no" to it, it was not. Saying "it is not" also means "it was not," for even to let the ego-mind remember that it "once was" is to acknowledge its existence. "Negation" must be total across all psychological time. Until this approach to the use of mind within manifestation becomes familiar enough to become habitual, one must exercise hyper-vigilant self-awareness to catch the ego-mind's relentless tactics to reintroduce the idea of the condition—until the ego mind has truly forgotten its existence .

In time—meaning several chronological weeks—the condition's brief reappearances got briefer. Now, there are only twinges—which are tendrils of the old belief system—a belief system which was deep enough to have been lodged in my manifestation in such a way to have earned the label "genetic". My not disclosing the name of this condition here is part of negation. This is K.'s negation, which might make more sense now. This negation is also seen in Douglas Adam's quote about how to fly.

Anger is a great motivator, once we can get past judging it and judging oneself and others. It can be the dragon's fire that burns through beliefs that constrict us like vines, control us with guilt, or disable us with disease. Anger energy can take on any number of forms, which means it's up to an individual about how they want to use it. Anger is a message for us to read, a sign pointing in a certain direction; once it has our attention, we do not have to let anger control us; we acknowledge it and let it go. Once the issue is understood, as informed by our anger, we attend to the issue—either supplying nourishment if that's what's called for, or negation, if that's the message.

In the final analysis, negation is what some call "forgiveness"— although truly there is nothing to forgive, nothing to forget.

1 Even A Course in Miracles refers to the ego's "tiny, mad idea at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh" and which consequently gave rise to the world of illusions.
2 J. Krishnamurti — A Dialogue With Oneself — from a Discussion Meeting at the Brockwood Part Gathering, August 30, 1977.
3 Beyond Thought Meditation Mastery: A Dialogue with Krishnamurti(at New Dimensions Broadcasting Network, 1988).