Friday, July 22, 2011

From the Archives: Calling All Ecto-exo-plasmaniacs

[First Posted 1/13/06]

I’m very private about my extensive musical history—which is vast and shall remain a mystery—but am being impressed by Spirit today to share one of my fave music artists: Stoogy (Scottish composer Stuart Mitchell) —his work was greatly instrumental (so to speak) in helping me maintain vibrational consistency when working with the spirit team on The Risen, probably because he has been able to extract, with reasonable success, qualities and tones that might be found in certain Risen geographies. His piece, “Nibiru – The Tenth Planet” is astounding and gives me astral goosebumps. I love the description used for his kind of work - ambient.

[Note: 7/22/11 - After The Risen was published, Stuart graciously let me use his achingly beautiful piece, "Our Survival" from Temple of Time as background for a Youtube presentation of our book.]

I woke this morning “gonging” — my term for when my physical body is being stimulated by the astral-etheric ones to go into a deep state of stasis so they can become dominant, i.e., “trance”—and the physically inner sounds of deep tolling bells is often a signal that some kind of physical spirit phenomena is rising. Where I'm concerned, this could mean anything from a telephone call from Tim or other smarty party animals, to astral dislocation, or to apports and astral and/or physical materializations. It’s very hard to resist, although I’ve learned how to deal with it. Water helps, either taking a long shower and/or drinking a lot of H20 as well. Why would I want to resist this? It's uncomfortable for one main thing. It's also usually inconvenient. If it wakes me up in the middle of the night (as if often does) I can at least stay in bed. But not when I have to get on the subway.

When my astral-etheric bodies first began activating as a teenager, I often just fell over in a deep sleep-like trance in the middle of the day. Sometimes even during a family meal or while sitting and talking with someone. My family assumed I was on drugs. One of my teachers, Geo Trevarthen once shared how the same thing happened to her as pubescence began emerging, with almost psychotic-like symptoms. Fortunately for her, her family had been consciously aware of and practicing their Celtic-Scots Shaman lineage for a very long time, so instead of trying to give her meds and lock her up, they helped her work to adapt and grow.

Manhattan and Long Island, at one time, notably in the early 1900’s until the late 30’s, were intense centers of mediumship activities; like the British Isles, Iceland, and other notable power points for spirit contact, these land masses are criss-crossed with ley lines as well as surrounded by water and tend to have dewy climates, i.e., lots of fog and mist. These are ideal conditions for the kind of contact typified by trance and séances, and especially supportive for ectoplasmic physical phenomena.

Great Britain is dotted with a goodly number of spiritualist churches, although nothing like their heyday—still, a lot more than what's in and around New York City. Although this has been changing in the last 10 years, especially Long Island, (George Anderson) which still has large tracts of trees that hold and express the water and connect and conduct ley line energies. I live in a very special section of Manhattan where the only remaining primitive timber still exists—almost 200 acres—which even few NYCers know about. Three major ley lines intersect beneath this beautiful forest, held sacred by Native American tribes who once gathered there at certain times of the year. They didn't live there, however, in order to preserve the neutrality needed for trading and discussion. The Risen orchestrated my being in this area for my mediumistic health and of course, for their agendas. Some of George’s life mirrors my own, especially growing up, and although he may not talk much, if at all, about what it feels like to be a medium, I've heard through my own grapevine that he’s not been immune to the physical and psychological depressive affects of mediumship, as well as the excessive energy demands on the body. He's not a big guy, but has to eat like a horse.

Physical, ectoplasmic, or “energetic” mediumship, was also quite prominent many years ago in the afore-mentioned areas, and then vanished, for the most part—possibly because of all the chemicals that found their way into our air, food and water. But it’s also coming back, possibly because of global attempts to reduce pollutants, but also because perhaps humans are adapting, like certain bacteria that adapt and become resistant to antibiotics—which Tim Leary believed was the kind of thing our DNA dealt with, including accommodating things like Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. (See Leary’s Exo-Psychology which contains interesting ideas—especially about the fixed reality spaces of “the Woodstock generation.”

Another time I'll share about the Zerdin Fellowship, to which I belong, and which used to be the Noah's Ark Society, both characterized by a focus on physical mediumship.

(Leary, as noted in an earlier post, is in Diakka land, and is currently looking for a channeler to work with on his own continued research with exo-substances, and now, what he’s calling “exo-conditions” or maybe even “exo-psycho-weather,” if I’m discerning and interpreting his interesting dance movements correctly (he’s Diakka, they’re slightly but vibrantly mad). As discussed in The Risen, scientists on "sub"-Risen levels, including the Diakka geographies, are able to manufacture their own version of perceived Risen plant life. T.L. is having a very good time!).