Monday, February 07, 2011

Is change from The Risen typical?

Richard, a reader, recently commented:

"August, from a very young age I've sensed that I was more than just my physical body. This has led me on a wonderful journey of discovering different spiritual understandings. A mutual acquaintance living in England mentioned he had received "The Risen" from you so I purchased it. I am currently on chapter 10. I feel like I’m going through a type of inner realignment as I read, digest and assimilate the information. My guess is that this is typical?"

Richard - you've arrived at Chapter 10, a truly amazing juncture in book -- welcome! It sounds as if you're experiencing some vibrational changes. Is this "typical"? I don't know, but it is intended. There has been a lot of silence from readers since The Risen was published. I often wonder if this is because they're still puzzling it out, or have given up.

In Chapter 2, Tim advises:

“One of the main purposes of this book is to assist others in enabling themselves to realize contact with the Risen. Many readers will probably try to start with just any chapter or pick selections at random. This approach might give one some interesting thoughts, but resonance will not be affected sufficiently to enable the increase in the vibration levels needed for Risen contact. Every chapter, page, and sentence has been exquisitely orchestrated in a particular Risen manner that will lead one through carefully simplified ideas—guided suggestions, really—and on through to deeper, higher vibrating concepts. Most readers will not even realize this happening, and so it is strongly recommended that they begin at the beginning and not worry about it, just as August and I did."

Thanks for sharing this -- we hope you will continue to share more about what you sense is happening, if you can find words to put it in!