Monday, February 20, 2006


The past week or so has found me in an almost continuously altering state of consciousness,- not trance - where many unembodied folks are sharing information about this state and others states, including the subject of multi-dimensionality and how we perceive it -- or rather, how generally most of we-as-embodied-on-earth don't perceive it. More specifically, word-idea of "reincarnation" is used (or misused) has come up -- and I can say that I've come to see (in many ways that "see" can mean) even more that our experience of the inner and outer universes is so unbelievably complex that it's well, unbelievable. Tim's chapter in The Risen goes into this quite deeply, and I feel he did a fantastic job. In essence, it's our beliefs that keep us anchored within what we experience as reality -- when we change the beliefs, we experience reality thusly.

Usually, these info sessions end to a certain degree and then I can write stuff down; otherwise, I would channel the information, as I have done here before, and let those reading it deal with their perceptions. Often the material channeled is quite difficult to understand at first reading.

But the altered state isn't ending yet, and I don't feel compelled to channel (yet) so I assume that the info is being diverted and retained/recorded in deeper areas, to be retrieved later.

So wait and watch this space for further developments.