Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On the Fringes of Yourself

From “Letters of The Scattered Brotherhood"

As the unseen in you is held captive by the senses so are you a prisoner. The loneliness, the loneliness, the loneliness, which is the lot of all who wonder! Those you see about you are ensnared by the noise, the color, the interest of other souls like yourself-; they gather together to do away with this loneliness; all these souls, like yours, are seeking release in affairs, in personal experiences; sharing what you call gossip, feelings of patriotism, of endeavor, of art—all so far away from the lonely reality of God. It is as if in a multitude of marching men going with bands, banners and tumult, interested vitally, emotionally in comradeship with one idea to achieve, you turned about right face and walked back; this is why the road to God is so difficult.
I have heard you ask why it is you forget in the midst of knowing. How it is that you cannot keep yourself in the Presence. How, when you step out of your bed, you are assailed with armies of thoughts and vain imaginings for your busy day ahead. Then you assail and wound yourself with the blows of the daily news and with hurried spirit you go out to your appointed task. “Will this happen. Can I move this about." Things not done delay your plans; stupidities block and anger the spirit, disappointments, sudden hopes, in fact, all the excitement of the day’s achievement has kept you far away and made you shallow. Why do I dare say that you are made shallow. Because you are living way out there on the fringes of yourself, even outside of your lines of defense.
Now let me show you how you can meet your day.
On waking wake in joy and plunge yourself into great stillness. Dissolve your universe into thought. Then meet the news, meet the onslaught as if it were the barking of a pack of dogs far away outside of this still park of your estate. Carry this stillness of serene sky, quiet pools, and transcendent beauty with you. Step into the hard reality and you will find that you can see through it instantly when it has been resolved into thought.
The temptations to anger on account of a stupidity, a challenging personality, a shock or disappointment, and all the heavy awkward conflicts are present, but they shrink into their natural and relative places in the divine scheme. They are mere shadows in the beauty of your scene. See through them, past them; they have challenged but not disturbed your eternal serenity. You are living far, far in the future. What you see is the past; oh, my eternal children, this is the way, the truth and the life! This is no idle panacea, this communion, brought to comfort you with ephemeral comfort. No, this is what you asked for; like Moses you struck a rock. It is no idle word, neither is it meaningless that God is power transcendent, and omniscient. Sitting, walking, eating, sleeping, waking with this splendor in your heart, this still Presence will give you complete majestic dominion over all mankind that disturbing mankind within yourself. If you ask for this it will come like the waters of life from outer and inner darkness. It is clean and still and far and wide and high and deep; it is glorious beyond the feeling of rejoicing.
Wake, then, little, perturbed, anxious, weary, frightened children, and stand released in this holy stillness; then will the picture be fulfilled. Results follow after. Be in a place which brings results.
Now as you have turned against the marching multitude, when you awake each day in renewed confidence you will find that you will not forget so quickly. You will not be snuffed out nor blanketed nor turned to salt by events, disappointments, turmoil, news. No! You will find that this is a principle which quiets the spirit, relaxes the step, enlarges the heart and everywhere brings tidings of great joy. Be therefore Knights of the Holy Grail sanctified, purified, and dedicated. Your sincerity is known, your foibles are known, the inner wishes of your hearts are known. Resolve; marshal your will and your intent, find your purpose and your directions, then will you be sustained and comforted and reminded of the Presence in this holy place.

I was a humble servant, I was a humble voice, I was a coward, and out of hell and torture I was lifted by a thought into this eternal stillness of love and light and power and joy and knowledge and truth. 

Two new radio broadcasts coming up!

"Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. 
The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul."
~ Victor Hugo

~ Two new radio broadcasts ~

August will be returning for another 2-hour show on Curious Times Radio, Tuesday, January 14, 2014  at 10 pm EST. The link is to the previous show of December 3, is here. The link to the new show on January 14 is here. The topic will be on the transformation of grief as informed by the Risen book.

He will also be a guest of Robert Sharpe on The Mystical Cruise Show Tuesday, January 28, 2014.