Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peace on Earth: Christmas Everyday

Earth Rising: from Apollo 8
“Numinosity is that something, that particular sensation one might associate with a certain holiday. We speak of it as ‘the spirit of a thing.’ The spirit of Christmas is very different from that of Hallowe’en. The experience of time during these festivals becomes altered or ceases entirely. ‘Numinous,’ from the Latin numen, literally means “a nod of the head”—‘head’ meaning ‘Highest Self’—so a nod from the Divine. So a numinous event—a numinosum—is an experience of Authentic Self, which is gifted to us as a grace from Creator Source. ‘Grace’ can be generally defined as ‘the all-nourishing substance of the universe which is Creator Source, and freely given by Creator Source to Creator Source.’ ” From The Risen, p. 128.

Many of my friends have heard me say, and I’ve even said it in The Risen, that when it comes to my own eventual transition, I’m like an excited four-year old who can’t wait for Christmas. And, also like a small child, I still want every day to be Christmas; every day to be a Christ-day. This would truly be peace on earth, which is the Kingdom of Heaven.

This peace on earth is really peace in oneself. Once achieved, the peaceful inner becomes the peaceful outer: the outer world manifests as an effect of the inner world of causation. It starts from within and goes forth. Sometimes, to convey a sense of the raising of vibration, various sources will conceptualize this as “as above, so below” – but there is no real distance within the time-space of a Risen experience; the space-time of a terrestrial experience just makes it seem so. As Risen, we will understand that the individual is at the center of everything, a living experience that emanates forth from our consciousness. On the earth, we do this with thought, which is a by-product of the ego-mind. As Risen, and without an ego-mental component, we will no longer need thought, and our environment of manifestation will be purer, lighter, and unfettered.

“It often happens that numinosum that occurred days, weeks, or even months and years ago finally come together and make sense. This is due to the way time is utilized by Risen Ones as well as our inability to directly perceive and comprehend the complex realities involved. As we continue to strive to increase comprehension and become more open-minded, much will fall into place, like piecing together a large, complex jigsaw puzzle. The numinous becomes luminous, and we will begin to distinguish aspects of new worlds.” (Ibid., p 184)

It is one thing to be in a numinous state; it is a far different thing to be in an aware state of numinosity. Increased consciousness, which is increased vibration, brings increased awareness.

Before we can begin to experience a change in our currently manifesting vibration that will alternate and uplift our consciousness – and have Christmas every day – we must first learn how to live in our own world of manifestation. We are immersed in our own individual and shared dimension as particular beings that dwell in a particular geography. The idea, then, is to purposely increase conscious awareness of the actual experience of being, and of being conscious of being.

Purposely increasing awareness mean uncovering; using, waking up; turning on; activating underused and latent, inactive senses – both physical and spiritual, which interpenetrate and cannot be separated. We – that is, our ego-mind which we often non-consciously identify with – can try to separate the spiritual from the physical, which results only in discomfort and suffering to the already whole mind-body system. Discomfort and suffering are signals, which are messages that tell us, with great and simple wisdom, which way to not go.

For perhaps a long while, we have allowed ourselves to be directed by these messages of suffering, which emerge after we less-than-consciously, or even non-consciously, invest in actions that then cause the suffering messages. This means that we cause the suffering ourselves by choosing, consciously or not, one course of action or actions over others. Such actions are not only composed of any and all thought, but are then followed by more thought of the same kind, which we then continue to sustain and carry with us through the experience of suffering, thus maintaining and seemingly strengthening the distress.  "Seemingly" because the distress can be ended at any time, much like turning off a film projector and turning on the lights.

The feeling of carrying the experience of misery is burdensome, and if we are not conscious that we have made our own burdens, we let the ego-mind convince us that we actually are victims. This essentially means that the results of our thought-actions are effects, which are really nothing more than bright, noisy lights and sounds, caused by our thought-actions, which are further nothing more than our choices about how we want to use our beingness. We then also choose how to react or respond to these effects, these displays of fireworks. We can react by screaming and running in fear, or we can respond by going, "Ooooo! Aaaahhh! Again!"

As often pointed out before, all this talk about achieving Authentic Self Awareness looks great on paper; learning how to make it happen off the books is a different story for most of us. Even with all  my intimate contact with the Risen, as a terrestrial human I know what it is to struggle to awaken and stay awake, how hard it is to forget about scary effects and just laugh the fear away. I am grateful to all my friends and readers who have, with great compassion, accepted my own admissions of feelings of worry and inadequacies without judgment, but with loving, supportive acknowledgment. You are the bearers of peace on earth.