Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Publishing Update

"Reality cannot be found except in One single source, because of the interconnection of all things with one another. ... I do not conceive of any reality at all as without genuine unity. ... I maintain also that substances, whether material or immaterial, cannot be conceived in their bare essence without any activity, activity being of the essence of substance in general."
(Gottfried Leibniz, 1646 - 1716)

Tim promises me that we have only one more "run-thru-edit" - easy for him to say - and then a few advanced reading copies will be sent out to certain folks with an interest in the subject. A new, possible cover has been created, and we're relying on the additional eyes of a few artistic-type friends for their reactions and opinions, which have been very helpful so far. The Risen Team has chosen to go for a print-on-demand approach via Lulu self-publishing services, specifically this route because it allows the Risen Team to have complete control over the book's design, which is a highly important, integral part of their orchestrated efforts to stimulate latent abilities in the reader to facilitate Risen contact.

If any of you nartists out there would like to see a few of the cover specs to lend your own 2 cents, email us at Augustgoforth@aol.com However, not everyone who asks maybe approved by the Risen Team, according to their own agenda. In any event, comments on this one are certainly most welcome.