Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Garden of Eternal Abundance

[The following material is an excerpt from one of two new books currently in progress, "Risen On Earth."]

"Garden of Hephaistos" by 88man

A garden is a place where we may purposely—knowingly or unknowingly—plant seeds.  Our garden may be well prepared, or not at all, to receive and nourish the seeds, which grow as a response to an invisible, mysterious principle. The principle is mysterious simply because we cannot solve it, nor do we need to. We need only have faith that the principle will grow the seed. The garden has no power to judge our seeds—it is neutral and will accommodate any and every seed that falls into it. It is totally up to us about what kind of garden we want, depending on how much and the kind of attention we give it.

Whether we recognize it or not, whether we believe it or not, it is true that most of us experiencing life on the earth are not awake, but sleeping. Why does it seem, then, like we’re awake? Because we’re dreaming that we're awake. All that we experience as the “world out there” is the result of the thinking we are doing with our mind. The mind, our mind, that is doing this thinking is actually asleep, which means that the resultant manifestation—the “world out there”—is nothing more than a dream.

The world out there  is the result of the thinking we are all doing with our minds, as a shared collective and accumulative experience, sometimes known as “race consciousness” and “archetypal subconsciousness.” There really is no such part of authentic reality as unconsciousness, for there is nothing that is not conscious on some level. Because there are seemingly levels of consciousness out of our awareness, or out of our mind, the Risen ask that we consider referring to the yet-unsensed as the underconscious, or “dream.” Further, they suggest that what we believe to be our consciousness is just an upper level of the underconsciousness, and so therefore it is all a dream.

Terrestrial race consciousness is a conforming consensus that informs most of earthly shared reality. It is passed on down through the underconsciousness of humanity’s shared experiences. Few are consciously aware of even the existence of race consciousness. Try to imagine what consciousness would be like in a place such as a Risen geography where there is no longer an earthly race consciousness, but a non-earthly one. How would it manifest, how would it appear? All the former imbedded, unchallenged invisible beliefs about everything—from illness and aging to the ways light and water are supposed to behave—from instincts like maternal love and survival to so-called “higher ideals” about right and wrong, justice and fate—none of these would be in place anymore. Perhaps the Risen state of being has its own form of race consciousness.

We may still believe that we are awake, and may cite the “fact” that we only dream when our bodies fall asleep. Dreaming takes place on many levels. We may not realize that not only do our bodies sleep, but our minds sleep, and while it may appear that the body awakens in the morning, our minds actually do not. We are awakening in the dream, not waking up from it. Because our mind manifests the form of our body, as long as our mind is still asleep, there is no fully waking up. So it may appear we and everyone else are awake and up and walking around, fully conscious, but this is part of the dream in the upper levels of awareness. And there are infinite layers of awareness. And so because the mind manifests the world out there, including our bodies, our bodies are also part of the dream, and never awaken until the mind awakens.

In the dreams of our sleeping bodies, the manifesting world changes according to our thoughts and feelings. This is also essentially what happens when we believe we are awake, while we still believe we are not sleeping.

The falling asleep of mind is referred in many ancient spiritual cultures as “the Fall of Man from the Eternal Garden.” This event is a falling out of our shared mind experience with Creator Source, which is, simply, Mind. There can only be One Mind, and It is the only Mind. Because It freely shares Its Mind with us, Its Mind is our Mind. We cannot separate from It in Reality.

However, it is possible to have an experience of separation in a dream. We can have the experience of falling like seeds into a garden of our own making. Creator Source does not try to stop us, because It knows that we are only dreaming, and in no danger. It does not try to stop us because it has also shared Its Will with us, so Its Will is our will. However, in a dream, it is easy to experience that our will is separate from Its Will. Creator Source does not try to stop us, because It knows that we are only dreaming, and in no danger, and could wake up at any time.

The Risen are those who no longer manifest a terrestrial dream body, but a new body of higher, finer dream substance, perhaps to the extent that they are asleep much less, or in some instances, totally Awake. Being totally Awake means being fully back into the Garden of One Mind, and this experience cannot be explained in words, for it is pure, and words are not.

No longer falling out of Mind, our friends who have shed their terrestrial bodies are rising or have risen up back into Mind. We who are still manifesting a terrestrial body may also be rising in some way, and in some rare instances, Rise. This Rising will relocate us from an earth experience into a new and different “geography,” which is the term the Risen suggest to use when speaking about how, when and where we perceive our experience of current location in Mind.

What is Creator’s Source Will? Its Will is that each of us always has complete and total abundance—of unlimited, ever-increasing prosperity—of health, wealth, peace, harmony, beauty and joy. If we are not experiencing these in an ever-increasing way, then it must be that we have somehow, consciously or otherwise, chosen to experience a will separate from Its Will. Declaring, accepting and then feeling that Creator Source’s Will is also ours is to return to the Garden of Eternal Abundance, where all we could ever desire is freely ours.

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