Sunday, September 04, 2011

In Progress: "Risen On Earth": Awakening

"I Sleep Only to Dream of You" by Longan Drink

(The following is part of an on-going series of entries from the raw material that is being transmitted by the Risen Assembly, and discerned by August and Tim, and will be finding its way into their next book, Risen On Earth.) (© Tempestina Teapot Books 2011)
The Risen will only speak of that which they know. This accounts for the vast silences attributed to them.
Awakening is something each one must achieve on one’s own. Someone else may briefly wake you up in a spiritual way, but like the physical experience of waking up, you will most often want to go back to sleep—you won’t want to wake up. One most often must struggle to awaken, and to stay awake.

When one first awakens into the Risen state, there are incredible feelings—of surprise, wonder, awe. The eyes are suddenly truly open. One is totally aware of the miracle of one’s Self. This is the feeling one ought to be experiencing in terrestrial embodiment, but seldom does.

This is the feeling of Awakening:  “Oh. My. God. I’m alive. I’m really here. Oh! My! God! I’m alive! I’m really here! Yippee!—and then—thank you.

Make this following exercise as deeply real as possible, in all details. Imagine you are dying, and the doctor says there is no prognosis, no hope. You’ve never believed in anything except the finality of death. You continued to go downhill. At the end, you fall asleep, but really, you die. Gone. Forever. You are no more. No consciousness. No awareness. Nothing. All gone.

But —then you wake up.

Are you able to at least begin to feel the awe, wonder, and surprise—even the disbelief—at being really here?

The Risen feel this all the time. And so can we, while still on the earth.
(© Tempestina Teapot Books 2011)