Monday, September 25, 2006

Radiance Healers

One of the few links we have on this site is to a group of remarkable people – Radiance Healers – distance healers who were brought together by Higher Spirit. Through their guides of Higher Spirit, they co-developed a type of healing that may be called “Group Soul Radiance Healing.” Although they may be continents apart, they work together as a single unit in rapport with the soul of the one requesting healing. Together, they have developed a way of staying in this rapport with one another and with the soul during and after healing. They are available at all times for any kind of healing, toward one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Their website allows you to easily make a healing request; if you want to request healing for someone else, they ask that you can confirm the person’s permission to have healing performed; a picture of the person or animal to be healed is most helpful.

I’ve personally had many incredible and miraculous healing experiences after contacting and becoming aligned with this group. Once one has received healing, it seems that one or more of the healers will resonate with the patient in such a way that a bond of spirit is formed. This bond allows the healer or healers to be able to monitor one’s spirit essence in such a way that it will be known healing is needed, even before a request is made. Quite a few times I’ve gone to email a request for healing, only to find an email from the healer awaiting me with a report that healing needs were detected and the work was already accomplished! Also, as each healing proceeds, I receive emails with status reports: what the healer found and experienced, guidance they received for their own evolution and to pass on to me, and directions on how I can participate in my own healing process moving forward.

I pass on this information as my part of becoming a point of light within their matrix of network healing, and enabling others to become part of the matrix as well. This matrix, in turn, is in the process of joining with other world-wide matrices, as part of the global structure of light that is being built around the planet for its own healing, which is much needed at this time.