Thursday, September 08, 2011

In Progress: "Risen on Earth": The Unnamed

(The following is part of an on-going series of entries from the raw material that is being transmitted by the Risen Assembly, and discerned by August and Tim, and may be finding its way into their next book, Risen On Earth.)(© Tempestina Teapot Books 2011)
Having lived much of my life on Earth sustained outside the collective unconscious, due directly to near-constant awareness of, and often, contact with Risen people, many of my perceptions of self and others were informed by that contact. They have been my guides, teachers, and companions, some who were once close or distant relatives, many who are not, and most of whom choose to remain unnamed. Such a choice is not all that odd, considering that the Risen view names much as we might view the weather or the seasons, the difference being that we impose non-changing labels on constantly changing states of environment—Monday and Tuesday, June and July, 1910 and 2010—whereas the Risen experience each moment of change as a new moment, and therefore one that cannot have the same name. They perceive one another as such states of being, and as actual and real; alive, not symbolic.

(© Tempestina Teapot Books 2011)