Thursday, December 29, 2005

I only work here.

Certain folks with the status I know as "The Risen" - i.e., "Spirit" - have asked me to set up this blog, but haven't stated their agenda — yet.

Although it seems obvious (to me) that part of their agenda is to introduce the book they wrote - utilizing Tim, my lover who transitioned 15 years ago, and myself, an intuitive/contemplative/physical medium - over the past 5 years.

Having learned not to question their motives and expect to understand any answers, because the answers usually aren't discernable in earthly terms, I've done as asked. Now I'll sit back and watch, wait, and maybe use the space to pass on interesting information about mediumship and communication with those Over There. Although the book project is over — thank god — I still maintain communication with Tim and others, and perhaps I can share some of this here.

This blog, as directed by The Risen, appears to me as a pebble being dropped into water, while I rest and watch the ripples moving outward, carrying the original center along with it, touching others in some way as it passes.

All material carefully scrutinized and approved by Fiona Barleycorn and McHenry Wickerbill.