Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thoughts of Consolation from Hans Bender

Following are some of the consoling words of guidance for the bereaved offered by Hans Bender during several of the sittings of Kai Mugge that August attended this summer. The full report may be found here.
“All dimensions are in the same location—this is the ultimate Act of Love. So upon transition one is instantly reunited with those on Earth, who don't see this. They are literally blinded by their grief. We want them to open their eyes and see that we live, and that we live more than ever!”
“When you grieve you cause your loved ones pain. They suffer from your grief. So you must work very hard to transform your suffering into being happy for them.”
“Love can be used destructively as well as constructively. Use your love to leave the grief, for the grief is destructive. It does not help your loved ones, but hurts them deeply. You must become filled with joy for them—it is the right way.”
“We do not wish to invalidate your very real and painful grief process, but it should not go on for months or years, for this is not good for you or for your loved ones—use your love to leave the grief.”
“Do not let yourself be dominated by fear, but be filled with joy and awe.”
“All of us are All-One, which is the end result of the ultimate act of love.”