Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Immortal People of Light

[Excerpted from "Chapter 3 - The Risen" - p. 27]

    Even while we are in these material bodies on earth we are still “people of light.” When it is time, we will shed our material body as if removing worn-out clothing. Our material bodies are designed to be so dense because otherwise our spirit bodies could not be contained—it takes a great deal of density to hold them to the earth. Although also literally made of light, our heavier earthly bodies are cloaking us in “denser light,” opaque enough to be called shadows. When the shadows fall away we will stand revealed as beings of light.

    As beings of light we continue on endlessly—our immortal experience. This realization is of immense importance, for we are literally having our immortal experience in this very moment. Immortality doesn’t begin after we transition to Risen, but commenced when we first arose on this world, fired into life with a Divine Spark, to awaken and breathe and move up and out into this world, our earth. When one not only mentally accepts this realization about our immortality but is able to gain awareness of it and then feel the realization of it, life is experienced with much less fear and much more freedom. It is spiritually imperative to understand that besides having the experience, we must be able to observe the experience, to participate as observers, and to especially become aware of it by feeling it.

    Many Risen Ones have told me, and I myself have experienced, that there are many more finely-defined bodily experiences than just the three—they’re actually infinite in number. Also infinite are the geographies in which we might find ourselves upon shedding our earthly woolens. These geographies inter-penetrate one another just like our subtle bodies. Everything and everywhere is able to share the same space with everything else. Our loved ones are not off somewhere over the rainbow or separated from us by unimaginable distances of light years. They may be even closer to us now than when they were in their denser material body. As mentioned earlier, it’s not that they’ve left us, but that they seem less accessible. It is the density of our earthly body with its physical senses that affectively shields us from directly feeling their closeness to us.