Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From the Archives: Ruminations

[First posted July 31, 2006]

Some further ruminations on Tim’s recent manifestation (nothing similar has occurred since.)

A couple days after his manifestation, I remembered that Tim, who must have been following some train of thought I was caught up in, had mysteriously remarked, “You’ll be seeing me sooner than you think!” He didn’t comment any more about this, much to my consternation.

The first thing I thought was that this was a hint that I’d be transitioning soon. This didn’t make sense, especially in light of my current “arrangement.” But even I have to constantly remind myself that dealing with the Risen is not about making sense. Nor is there really any “dealing.” There’s only “just is.”

Obviously, now, he was referring to his upcoming manifestation in my bed.

The “current arrangement” I mentioned is the fact that Tim and I agreed to “put some distance” between us, at his request and under the direction of higher Risen guides. The reason for this is because I was beginning to show some “side effects” from the years of contact with the Risen through physical manifestation events. The contacts involved the exchange of existing chemical energies between both sides, as well as the infusion of new, non-terrestrial chemical Risen energies into my system. The more contact events I participated in, the more my system began to vibrate at a sustained rate that was compromising the underlying structures of my physical health.

As a possibly related note of interest, a friend of mine just saw George Anderson, the well-known medium on Long Island – this was her4th time in 4 years. She shared that she was rather shocked that he had aged considerably since last year and did not look well at all – his beard was white and he had very dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept for days. His energy level was very up and alert. But it sounds (to me) that his health has been compromised from his many years of devoted work to helping people connect with the other side. He’s not a very big guy in stature, but I’ve heard that he eats for 3 people. All these things can be confirmed in much of the literature that takes time to actually talk about the medium’s health and feelings. Most mediums have been treated through the ages as mere “instruments” and there to be used – not as human beings. As reported in The Risen, Leadbeater had seen first hand the devastating effects on the physiological and psychological health of a physical medium. Although George is not a physical medium (as far as I know) the many years of his intense work must be taking their toll. Please take some time to send him some energy, light and love.

This spirit triage of putting some distance between us that Tim proposed was ok with me, but still, I was (and am) more than happy to start my own transition. But apparently this is not to be, not for some time, according to Risen guides and to Tim, and my presence is needed on Earth for awhile longer, and I need to be increasingly healthy as well. I've been instructed on certain contemplative ways to accomplish this. Other things have been orchestrated for me to refocus my attention more on certain degrees of responsibility for earthly things -- the kittens were brought into my life, for example. The downside (for me) was the additional part where Tim and I would have to gradually minimize contact with one another, beginning with the strongest levels, the physical manifestations. At this point we no longer communicate by direct mind as we’ve been doing for so very long, but rather, by intuition and inspiration, which is emotional vibration. It’s rather as if each of us is sitting on the opposite sides of a lake, and making ripples on the water with our hands to communicate. As I write this, I can hear “Message in a Bottle” by Sting playing in the background, compliments of Tim — we can and do communicate via music still.

I still have yet to hear why this recent manifestation was allowed – it certainly didn’t seem spontaneous. Until then, I’ll think of it as a very precious gift.

To answer a question someone had about this event – Tim looked younger than when I had last seen him. Although the event took place in complete darkness and I could see very little with my physical eyes, there was a kind of soft, glittery shine on his skin that didn’t give off light, but made him look like his skin was reflecting any available light in the room.

Someone wondered where the kittens were when this was happening. Fiona & McHenry were fast asleep in their little bed which rests at the lower corner of my own bed. They never woke or stirred from their sleep, a small miracle given that they’re crazy 11 month old Siamese kittens! I wish I had a bottle of whatever was used for this!

Upcoming Radio Interview 7/27/10

We will be the featured guests to discuss The Risen on an hour-long show at Hay House Radio with Dr. Eldon Taylor, the highly respected researcher of psychology and metaphysics, and also a psychotherapist with a forensics specialization. The show is scheduled for Tuesday, July 27th at 11:00 am PST.