Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanks Phyllis & Marc!

"Peace On Earth" by Marc Brinkerhoff

Thanks and blessings to my friends, Phyllis & Marc, who hosted a magical yule celebration last evening with amazing food and ambiance. Kudos to Marc for somehow getting as many lights and decorations on the tree as humanly possible; clearly you had devic and faerie help. Phyllis's bubble lamps were a huge hit!  Even when the apartment lights went out several times due to so many decorations, the angels were there to keep everyone calm. Although I'm not sure we all noticed, since there were so many fascinating guests who were deep in conversation about some equally fascinating things. Even Tim was there, as were many others in spirit. Many thanks to Phyllis for the takeaway gift box of insanely delectable brownies, almost too good to eat . . . but I will eat them anyway! I'm so very privileged to have such loving, giving, strange & wonderful friends!