Monday, September 13, 2010

Interview with Scott Podmore

Spiral Fantasy by Alfred Laing

Tim and August were recently interviewed by Scott Podmore, an award-winning journalist and bestselling author from Melbourne, Australia, for a book project called "Conversations With Mediums" on modern mediums from throughout the world — including Elizabeth Baron, Joseph Tittel, Lisa Williams, Charmaine Wilson, Kerry Alexander and several more (meaning us!) Along with his wife, Kerry, Scott is the founder of October Grey Media.

Scott also recently interviewed world-renowned medium, John Edward, (who, incidentally, was born on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, just "down the road" from Manhattan) and Scott has sent us the link to this exceptional articles that appeared in The Herald Sun.

Himself a reader of The Risen, Scott immersed himself in it for several months before the interview. Interestingly, the interview has inspired Scott to continue to return to The Risen's material for yet more re-reading. August found many of the questions not only stimulating, but able to bring forth information that seemed organic and alive. Having interviewed so many well-known mediums in such depth appears to have given Scott an exceptional understanding and perception of the complexities and diverse forms of mediumship, and his approach to us was sensitive and supportive, as shown by his putting some of the questions to each of us individually as well as together. We would like to share just a small part of our answers with our friends here who we think might find it of interest, and thank Scott for his gracious permission to do so.

Scott asked us: With the more experience you have in this field, is the communication process getting easier for you, Timothy and The Risen?

August answered this one. "It gets different, meaning the process changes; it never stays much the same. I hesitate from using the word 'easier' simply because change really means growth, and growth, at least on Earth, is often anything but easy. The Risen keep me hopping all the time so as not to fall into some kind of habitual rote or ritualistic system, which would dull my spiritual senses. They know I can get very lazy very quickly, which dulls my spiritual sensing. So my spiritual senses are often a bit on edge, or 'switched on' in order to sense the delicately fine signals coming from the realms of spirit. But I’m also a human earth person, complete with my own glorious senses for interacting with the physical realm of which I’m right now inextricably a part. This is my way of saying that my physical senses, which are intermingled with my spiritual senses, often grab and hold my attention first, so I often miss those finer spiritual things waiting for my consideration. I have found and continue to find ways to turn off my spiritual senses if and when I want to. But sooner, or later, the Risen find a way to get me to turn them back on."

If you (August) were to offer guidance to a curious person wanting to open his/her mind to communicating with Spirit/The Risen, how would you recommend they go about it?

"By trying to use one of their most important and powerful senses that integrates both the spiritual and the physical: the imagination; and by being open to the idea and eventually realizing that imagination is real. It is the doorway to that which is within and beyond the sensorial world of the physical, which is where the Risen dwell. One’s imagination is the correct guide for a curious person. Our physical world and bodies confine us in such limiting ways that it’s no wonder some refer to this earthly existence as one of 'imprisonment.' ”

Tim, if you were to summarise what the biggest differences are between your current experience as part of the Risen compared with your earthly existence, what would they be?

"I’m asking August to try to relay an answer to the effect that I simply don’t remember any differences, because I have no memories – they’ve faded away. The ego-mind did not survive my transition. Why would I return to those memories? I could return to them, for there’s a certain process here that allows for that, but they’re all done and gone along with the former life I finished as 'Tim of Earth.' August is reminding me, or trying to, about what the thing you’re calling 'comparison' is, but I’m not getting it. He’s using what he says are examples, like black vs. white and good vs. bad, or smaller vs. larger, heavier vs. lighter – but they don’t make sense to me, these concepts, which I see in August’s mind are what you experience as “limitations.” Here, as Risen, there are no such foolish ideas. "

How will The Risen change my perceptions of life and death?
"That’s for you to know and for you to find out."

Can you pinpoint and explain the main messages The Risen want to get across to us? Do they have more insight, and do you think their guidance will make our life journeys easier, or give us more understanding, to roam the earth and have a more peaceful, insightful existence?

"If you replace the question marks with periods in that second sentence, you will see that you have transformed the question into a statement and miraculously found the answer in your own query. Everyone has this way available to them of finding answers, by asking and trusting your inner self, which is where you are in spirit form. Spirit form has access to all information, which makes you — the asker — the only real authority in your life. Here is the main message, to quote from the book:

There is no such thing as death. There is only Life—infinite varieties, forms, qualities, and expressions of it. What the majority of still-embodied people fear as “death” is simply a transitional phase from one quality of life to another. Transition literally means “passage from one form, state, style or place to another.” Any state of consciousness is a state of transition toward another state of consciousness, which means this is a never-ending process of our irrevocable immortality. "

Scott's book will include all manner of mediumistic subject matter including spiritual mediumship, physical mediumship, trance, EVP, pyschic phenomena, and more. It sounds like it is going to be simply stupendous, as he shared that there are some fascinating discussions and experiences, including his attendance at a physical mediumship demonstration, and some personal readings with incredible accuracy. It's clear to us that it's all being orchestrated by Spirit, and there's the feeling of an overall wonderful and positive vibration about this book. We will be sure to share with everyone when its release for publication is announced.