Sunday, December 20, 2009

Zerdin recognition

Rosalind Pearman of the UK Zerdin Phenomenal Organisation, which is globally recognized for its many years of supportive work in the area of promoting safe and healthy physical mediumship and manifestation, writes us that they recently acquired a copy of The Risen, and that “it will be read with much enthusiasm” — one of their members will write up a book review to publish in their bi-monthly subscription based magazine, The Zerdin Phenomenal. Thank you, Rosalind & Dennis!

[The image above, “Universal Healing Symbol” is a painting by our dear Healer-Artist friend, Maruata Atahu - a pure channel and an energy imprinter. Her paintings are physical manifestations of higher energies, including Ascended Masters, and are portals to these higher energies. Her work is available as posters and cards to help bring one into contact with higher vibratory geographies. Contemplating the Universal Healing Symbol has a calming effect, and can be kept on your computer desktop for viewing at any time, or placed on a chakra for blocked energy flow.]

Radio Show Update

Don't forget to tune in to an historical, but hopefully not hysterical, event where the authors of The Risen will be interviewed for the very first time on the radio show, Signs of Life, courtesy of The Forever Family Foundation.

Scheduled for Thursday evening, January 14, 2010, 8–9 pm EST, (5 pm Pacific), it’s not up at their website yet (it soon will be, they’re just having a slow day,) but it is also mentioned at Contact Talk Radio which hosts “Signs of Life Radio”. The word out is that listeners generally are most interested in the question, "what is existence in the afterlife like?". Seems like a simple enough question. The simplest answer is, "what's your life like now?"

Thanks to the Zammits

Thanks to Wendy and Victor Zammit for their endorsement of The Risen book in their weekly news report at their internationally-known and faboo website. Victor is the author of the peerless and inescapably intelligent book, A Lawyer Presents a Case for the Afterlife. Wendy reports she is well-immersed in their copy and now at the chapter about Krishnamurti.

Sign up for your free subscription to the report. To download a free pdf copy of the 4th edition in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, or French , join their e-list.

Lightening Up

Has this ever happened to you?

I have only one pair of scissors in the house – long story, but perhaps this little tale helps splain it.

Because there’s only one pair, I’m very conscientious about where it’s kept – on a hook in the kitchen. A few days ago I had just finished wrapping gifts, and put the scissors back in their proper place. Yesterday I came home with a few more to wrap. As usual, the rugs in the place were all surfed away by a recent kitty stampede, including the small Persian rug outside the bathroom. I put it back, and dust-busted the few scatterings of litter that always evidences a recent feline rampage, and turned to the task at hand.

The scissors weren’t there. Not on their hook, not on the table, or the counter, or the desk. Nowhere to be found.

Not amused. I had deadlines. The post awaited. I would not be deterred. So I stood in the kitchen and somewhat calmly and very firmly demanded to the air, “Ok, Tim. I need the scissors back now. Pronto. Immediately. No fooling. Goddammit.” I then strode to the bedroom, and stepped on the scissors lying on the rug in front of the bathroom. They were lying there fully open, as if laughing at my poor and feeble terrestrial seriousness and lack of a sense of humor.

Thanks, Tim. And ha, ha.