Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quantum Understanding

Some readers of The Risen, and perhaps some listeners of the various broadcasts, may have noticed notions presented that sound strange enough to be about quantum physics — and indeed, the chapter on science in the book skims ever-so-carefully on this very subject. This is not because August is a quantum physicist, although he has a great deal of interest, curiosity and books about science. Rather, as the Risen material was delivered and discerned over the years, his attention would also be directed in some way to the subject of quantum physics. Books, articles, TV programs, webcasts, and so on, would arrive around the same time as the discerned information, which expanded and validated the Risen material, as well as stimulated August to learn more about quantum mechanics. Increasingly there are books that are starting to be published from various scientists, such as Amit Goswami, a theoretical quantum physicist who has written The Self-Aware Universe, and God Is Not Dead, in which he unashamedly reveals his spirituality and the connections he's made with Creator Source through quantum mechanics for the "scientific proof of God." One of his latest, Creative Evolution, attempts to show that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being. This is very much in line with The Risen material, which suggests that while there is evolution, it occurs as a process of consciousness, and not the other way around. This, of course, meshes well with the theories of Intelligent Design. Even the idea of parallel universes of "many worlds" theory fits with so much of the newer information emerging from mediumistic experiences, especially those of physical manifestation nature, which is revealing that the idea of "worlds within worlds" — as mentioned often in The Risen — is also the multi-dimensional aspects of interpenetration, and of the quantum notion of entanglement.

So of course there was great excitement in August's nerdy medium's heart when he came across a special alert in his copy of the new magazine, Scientific American Mind about a limited time to obtain Quantum Mechanics: The Physics of the Microscopic World, a DVD of 24, 30-minutes lectures at 70% off! Offered by The Teaching Company, it's not an exclusive for the magazine's readers, so anyone can take advantage of it. While August can barely — well, actually he can't balance his checkbook — and is no mathematician, the excitement is towards gaining increased understanding of Risen life and lands.