Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Many Rooms of Synchronicity

“It’s easy to have faith in the sun rising each day or in the seasons that come every year. We have a lifetime of experience that shows us these things happen consistently. And yet it’s quite another thing to have faith in something you can’t see with your own eyes—the invisible power and presence of God.

“How do you develop faith in something you can’t see? How can you put your future in the hands of a power that is invisible? The truth is that you do so every day. Electricity is invisible, and yet you have complete faith when you flip the light switch that the light will come on. Microwaves are invisible, yet you have faith when you place something in a microwave oven that it will be heated and cooked. Radio waves are invisible, and you have no problem using them to tune into your favorite radio program. In the twenty-first century, we are accustomed to having faith in invisible forces. A few hundred years ago, the powers we use and take for granted each day would have seemed like witchcraft.

“Love is invisible. Joy is invisible. Peace is invisible. And yet we know all three exist.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. God is always in your life, always present as the power you need to make your dreams come true. Have faith.   
from Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide for January 10, 2010.
We recently shared some thoughts about synchronous events with a reader of The Risen. When we experience something that strikes as even the littlest bit of synchronicity, it’s really important to record these things. If we don’t, most likely in less than a year, more likely in just a few months, psychospiritual amnesia would erase it from our conscious memory fields. But because we’re strengthening the events on an astral-memory level, we’re also invigorating and strengthening certain spiritual senses, and building a foundation for further numinous events of communication. They may even eventually move into such manifestations that we will want to question our sanity at times, for the Risen's abilities to orchestrate events are  far beyond what we can even begin to imagine! Something I've uncovered about this is that this is a clue about how we ourselves can orchestrate our own lives while still on the earth. It's nothing new according to many  ancient texts, including the Bible, and I've found that the New Thought Movement in the U.S. seems to demonstrate a model for this kind of thing.    

Our reader then asks: “What do you mean about ‘how we ourselves can orchestrate our own lives while still on the earth’? Do you mean by watching the synchronicities in our lives? Or to somehow induce synchronicities?”   

What I mean is that we can and already do manifest how our lives appear on earth - every single event is an effect brought about by thought-as-causation. I'm sure you know of this in terms of quantum mechanics. What and how we think co-creates our experience of Reality. Some of the events seem so magical or unlikely that we label them as “synchronous” because we're unable to see the connections. It notes this in the Risen - see p. 126 of Mundus Imaginalis and some quotes from it below. One of our main goals could be to learn how to consciously direct - orchestrate - what we want to happen, rather than letting the ego-mind do it. 

I had  such a magical moment last night, watching a television series about a wealthy British family living in a beautiful estate in the early 1900's. One of the scenes opened up on their mansion, as seen from beneath a shaded tree at the edge of a field of sunny grasses and flowers. It brought me into a kind of reverie, or dream state, which then changed my rate of vibration; it began coinciding/merging with a vision of the same kind of estate Tim and I have where he is in the Risen geographies.  I could feel myself sitting beneath the tree, feeling the warm sun, smelling the grass, hearing the breezes, and having deep, deep emotional pleasure at knowing we dwelled in such a place, and that it was all ours. It was heaven, so to speak. I have been there many times.

And then at that exact moment that heaven felt its strongest, the word "AUGUST" dissolved in across the bottom of the picture on the TV. I knew it was meant to designate the month in which the scene was opening, but I also knew that it was meant for me. This sent my heart into what I can only describe as "rapture."

Those who have had such numinous experiences understand the significance and reality of this; most people would not allow themselves to unblock their minds and let true spiritual magic enter.  They would try to apply their ego-mind's rationale, and insist that I'm seeing something that's not there - but indeed, I'm seeing something that is there, with a new understanding and from a different, internal spiritual perspective. There are many rooms of synchronicity for each of us to explore, and meant for us only.

From The Risen – Chapter, Mundus Imaginalis:
  “Using this imaging faculty is often haphazard and clumsy at first for many who are newly Risen. With guidance and practice it becomes the main way to manifest Risen Reality—meaning, our life. On earth, art is said to imitate life. Here, art is life and so life is art. Imaging is how we use our Risen minds to realize—to make real—our environments and everything in them.          
  “When one’s mental processes are active and fluid, the environment will also reflect this by change and adjustment. This can get chaotic and confusing if you are emotionally unstable and unable to control your feelings, which are deepened and more intense when Risen.          
  “Being in a dark mental place will outwardly express as being in a dark physical Risen geography. The more positive the feelings are behind the thoughts, the more positive the outward expression, and the more light that is expressed in the environment. This is the same kind of process that occurs on earth but it’s so slowed down from the density of material reality that most people are generally unaware that they are seeing it as it is happening. Neither do they see how their thoughts and feelings are creating their reality, nor how the ego-mind misuses the sacred gift of their imagination. This dense slowness can generate less-than-positive feelings, but once you’re Risen so much of that simply drops away. If it doesn’t, there are Risen Healers who will present themselves to help you work with any unresolved emotions to which you’re clinging—which, by the way, takes an awful lot of effort to otherwise maintain."