Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cover of The Risen

Publishing Update

The Risen will be available soon via print-on-demand and electronically (for Kindle-inclined folks). I now have an actual copy of the book in my hands, which is going through some final proofing and tweaking. Various communities will be given the website for the book, which will be published through our very own little publishing house, Tempestina Teapot Books. Dr. Melvin Morse, medical practioners and well-known research scientist in the field of near-death experiences in children, has written a beautiful Foreword for our book (See Dr. Morse's own works, including Closer to the Light, and Where God Lives, as well as his own website. The book is a little over 300 pages in a 6x9 trade paperback edition.
Because the book is being set up for international distribution, it's hard to pinpoint exact dates of availability, due to ISBN and other red-tape issues. Hopefully before summer's end. It will be availalble via Amazon, B&N, Paypal, etc.
Stay tuned.