Thursday, September 23, 2010


Those who have read The Risen and perhaps have listened to some of the radio broadcasts may have become aware that I (August) although a medium, don't do readings professionally. This includes the broadcasts, even though some people who call in may want me to do that. I simply don't, and some may wonder why.  People want mediums to tell them things: what their loved one is doing and saying, what they want; what they want the person on earth to do -- how to behave, what to think and feel, where the money is, what the future is bringing, and so on. And the medium will most likely tell them, for this is what mediums who work this way do. It is hoped that when the medium doesn't get an answer, they say so.

When people come to a psychotherapist (which I am) they also, and often, want the same kind of thing: "Tell me what to do; make up my mind for me." However, psychotherapists don't do this, for that is not their role. Instead, they help explore, feel, and find answers within themselves, thus diminishing fear, while regaining lost power and Self Authority. As a therapist, I want my patients to learn how to use their own body, mind, and spirit to find the real and true answer from within, not without.

Could I do readings? Yes, but only under very rare circumstances. My mediumistic abilities have been and are utilized in service to the Greater Good in other particular ways, specifically over the last 8 years in helping to manifest this book. If I had tried to develop myself as a medium who gives readings, I would not have been able to have the strength and wherewithal to help with the book project. (In fact, I did try, but it was like trying to walk on my hands backwards; fortunately my guides turned me right side up and in the right direction.)  Instead, with my consent, my training was taken in hand by some rather amazing and awesome Risen specialists to enable the difficult and time-consuming task I had agreed to. One of the primary initiatives of The Risen Collective is to work toward the synthesis of these two still quite separate ways of healing — mediumship and psychotherapy — and this book has opened up that discussion toward understanding that such a thing may be possible, how it can be achieved, and with some special guidance on how this process can be catalyzed.

As stated in the book, we believe "...there will be an eventual spiritual evolution of humanity, as enriched by Risen contact, whereby the various human therapies will all successfully and appropriately be able to utilize mediumistic abilities for healing purposes." 

As well,new language is introduced to help transmit these specialized, higher ideas that will have a better fit with 21 century people and ways of living in today's world. Current readers will have realized that their experience with the book is expected to be an interactive one, guiding them toward gradual ideas of personalized change — change which can also enable one to contact a Risen Loved One on one's own, without assistance or intervention from a medium; along the way, one discovers one's own language of spiritual power and authority. This is big stuff, indeed! And readers are beginning to report success — like that of Dr. Melvin Morse, whose own experience with the material inspired him to write the inspirational  Foreword for the book, while he continues to be an avid supporter and promoter of its ideas.