Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Metaphysical Musings of The Day Star

"And there were shepherds in the same country abiding in the field, and keeping watch by night over their flock. And an angel of the Lord stood by them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said to the shepherds, "Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11). 
"And His name shall be called: Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:11).

Metaphysical Musings
“The field” mean the Mind of Creative Source, which is ever within and around us, and in which we move and breathe and have our being. “The country” is another way to say our state of mind, which is named here in the preceding verse as Judea. Judea means the mental attitude where Christ thoughts—or the Realization of“I Am”—lead to greater expression of divine power. The shepherds watching by night are energy forms of Creative Source that watch over us at all times, even during mental and spiritual darkness, which is the absence of light or conscious understanding. These energy forms are not external, visible physical beings, but internal, non-visible but sensed psychological components of the collective spiritual mind, and of which we all share. They are the finer-vibrating archetypes of the terrestrial human mental experience, the positive forces that represent and uphold the Truth of Being. This Truth is there is only Life, and more Life. “The dead” would be those who are unconscious of Truth. 

Sheep represent our thoughts. Thoughts that are alike flock together peacefully. Shepherds are watchers of the sheep and strive to keep them safe and from wandering into the thorny hedges. “Keeping watch by night” must be done by struggling to stay conscious to keep the wolves away. Shepherds guide and protect the flock from un-Christ-like thoughts that are corrupted by an uncontrolled ego mind. Such thoughts are like wolves in sheep’s clothing that prey upon the ever-present neutrality of an initial thought, the newborn child, which is born out of darkness and into the light. When incorrect thoughts are rebuked or chased away, they will be unable to sustain and will vanish. The shepherds must be ever-vigilant, for the wolves will continue to circle our minds, seeking any way in. The wolves will only vanish completely when we have allowed our earthly mind, the mind of Adam, to be transformed by and replaced by the birth of a new mind of spirit, that of a Christ-being.

Our internal Watchers do not exert force upon us, but act as an internal spiritual source of understanding and help, while projecting spiritual signs or omens that act as guides to direct us to the doors of freedom. We might experience these signs as mysterious synchronicities, messages from the underconsciousness or even the Risen. 

“Glory of the Lord” means the blending and merging of the human mind with Divine Mind. Why are the shepherds sore afraid, if the glory of the Lord is shining around them? “Sore afraid” is an antiquated English phrase for mental suffering. If these shepherds are watching their flocks in the night, it means that they are struggling to stay awake, or keeping watch, and thus suffering because up to this point have been unable to see the fallacy of the belief that they are separated from the light of Divine Mind, or the Glory of the Lord.
Fear—the wolves—will block such messages from them, as well as conscious Christ realization of “I Am.” The consciously individualized Christ presence is a door to the ultimate freedom from fear. To further soothe them the angel offers comfort with the idea of “a savior,” although in Truth there is no such thing as a savior, divine or otherwise. If the Mind of Creative Source is complete—and it is—then it is perfect. And if it is perfect, there is no danger, and thus no need for saving, other than from our unnecessary delusion of fear—or False Evidence Appearing Real. Thus the angel announces there is a way through the illusion of fear, a Great Door that is always open, and assures the shepherds, “Fear not.” All we need do is “knock” which is to announce our own Christ Presence as real; we knock by stating with our own Divine Authority: “Here I Am.”

Angels are highly evolved spiritual perceptive facilities of Creative Source. An angel is the projection into consciousness of a spiritual idea direct from the fountainhead—Jehovah—“I Am that I Am.” “Jehovah” is another way to state the great phrase of renewal, “I am the Person that Thou art, and Thou are the Person that I am.” An angel, or messenger, means a thought or message of the Lord. “The Lord” means our conscious mind as merged with Divine Mind. Angels speak to us mentally and emotionally through our beliefs; beliefs are mental thoughts joined and energized by the energy of emotions. Beliefs manifest boundaries. Changing our beliefs will change our mind, which will change our experience. The angel is joyfully announcing to the shepherds, “Now is the time to change your mind—you have always been free to do so, and now, right now, is the time to Rise!”

Angels are also internal Guardians who stand with the Watchers. Angels begin as spiritual seeds within each individual—including you and me. These seeds are “the gifts of the Spirit.” As Guardians, angels stand at the threshold of the unlimited doors of our individual consciousness, doors that lead to higher consciousness. Like Watchers, the Guardians do not exert control upon an individual, but act as a spiritual source of knowledge and assistance, projecting spiritual signs that act as guiding forces to the doors of freedom. Unlike Watchers, they do exert certain spiritual forces that protect the newly-emerging seeds of greater spiritual awareness.
David represents Divine Love, individualized in human consciousness. David was a shepherd for many years before developing his human character as a king to successfully fulfil his duties as balancer and integrator of all things of duality, and achieve dominion over the kingdom of his own mind. “Kingdom” is short for “Kingdom of Heaven”, which is a state of consciousness achieved when one is in harmony with Divine Mind. When divine ideas or thoughts become orderly in the human mind, the resulting adjustment is the geography of heaven. “Orderly” is the absence of fear, worry, and chaos. “City” means our own individualized mind. “City of David” means Love's abode in the sphere of consciousness where high, holy (whole) thoughts and principles abide. 

“Christ the Lord” is our own orderly mind, an order which results from the merging of the terrestrial mind with the Divine Mind.

"Christ" means the divine-idea person, the one complete idea of a perfect human in Divine Mind. “Jesus” is the name that represents an individual expression of the Christ idea. The birth of Christ in a person is the bringing to consciousness of the spiritual idea of a human—the Christ of God—through the quickening power of the word of Truth. The Truth is: “There is life, and only life.” The Truth does not acknowledge “death.” This Truth has been named in many other ways besides “Christ” by many wisdom traditions.

Lest you turn away because this sounds “religious,” recognize that true religion is a natural spiritual tendency of a human to connect with the god-presence within—the result is a new awareness of consciousness that is sometimes called Christ, or Atman, The All, etc. Only when people try to control and organize the spiritual energies does religion become corrupted. The name can never fully define it, and so it’s the resulting feeling-understanding that causes the manifestation of a state of divine consciousness, the birth of the child.
This birth is the beginning of a higher set of faculties in the inner realms of consciousness that, when grown to full stature, save the whole person from ignorance and sin. “Save” means to stand upright, or to raise from the horizontal to the vertical. “Sin” means to miss the mark, stumbling or falling short of the divine law, through very material, combative, destructive states of thought—the wolves that would prey upon the innocent sheep. The divine law is the Law of Being, the underlying principle of every one’s being and of the universe. This principle is the Unprincipled Principle, or Love. The Savior is one who lifts and keeps us standing upright, as well as lighting the way before us so we won’t stumble and fall. The Savior is, ultimately, who we each are.

The Names of the Child: “Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” “Name” means authority. “Child” means Authentic Self. These five names can be represented by the points of the five-sided star, the Star of Great Light, or Fully Enlightened Consciousness. This object of light represents a complete individualized child of the Great Spirit. From a Risen state of enlightened consciousness, these names signify the living forces that interact in multi-dimensional ways that are always transcending one’s present reality. Imagine extending the five digits of the hand, which grasps, senses, and sums up the five senses of the body, extending them forward and beyond into a vanishing point. Each point of the physical star symbol seemingly vanishes from our physical, terrestrial sight but actually continues on, interpenetrating and emerging into other dimensions for eternity without end. This is how the Risen experience the effects of life, otherwise known as living. Rather than experiencing existence as an illusion of endless days as we do on Earth, the Risen know life as one eternal day— in effect, as an immortal Day Star—signifying the uplifting—or rising—of the previously ruling human ego of the sense consciousness, and the triumphant arrival, or birth, of a principality of peace.

Watchers, Guides, and Guardians are not only an integral internal part of who we are, but can shape and shift us into higher evolved forms of being. As these evolved forms they are now Angels.  Hence, there are Risen who take on these forms as an act of service to others, including those of us still on the Earth. We all have Risen Watchers, Guides and Guardians. At some point in our own evolution, we will receive opportunities to serve in one or more of these roles.

May our unfolding lives continue to bring us wonders of surprise and peaceful awe.