Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Precipitated Art

Chief Eagle Feather
(image reproduced with kind permission by the recipient.)

At the precipitative art seance, my friend received a stunning rendition of Chief Eagle Feather, and to my knowledge, the largest of all the Indian paintings there that night, (and on a 3x5 inch card). I find it hauntingly beautiful. It, too, has a large, splotchy light-filled shape that obscures part of the face, much to my friend’s vexation. I wonder if the splotch is actually his spirit-light energy. Maybe he moved while having the picture done! The longer one looks at it, the more details one sees, such as his amazingly-shaped right ear, and although somewhat hard to see, the large feather over his left ear that is seemingly coming out into the foreground, with a skilled foreshortening highly difficult for any artist to achieve. The lighting source on the face is exquisite and powerful, as if a spotlight is on it - one eye is lit up, the other in shadow. This image appears less photorealistic but more mysterious, ethereal and enigmatic than mine.