Friday, May 06, 2011

Mediumistic Psychotherapy

August is now offering, to appropriate candidates,

Life After Death in the Worlds Unseen

A very lovely report from the other side - thanks to Victor Zammit for drawing my attention to it.

This script was communicated by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, a son of Edward White Benson, former Archbishop of Canterbury, after his death in 1914 to his old friend, Anthony Borgia -
WHO I am really matters not. Who I was matters still less. We do not carry our Earthly positions with us into the Spirit world. My Earthly importance I left behind me. My Spiritual worth is what counts now, and that, my good friend, is far below what it should be and what it can be. Thus much as to who I am. As to who I was, I should like to give some details concerning my mental attitude prior to my passing here into the world of Spirit. 

To read the rest of this beautifully detailed report, go here.