Saturday, January 14, 2012

Podast of August at Skeptico now available

An in-depth exploration and discussion with Alex Tsakiris about what Tim called "the pastime of reincarnation" from a few months back is now available as podcast and transcription. We thank Alex for what we found to be an interesting and invigorating experience.

For those who know and love The Risen, and who have expressed concern over Alex's seemingly negative and somewhat unreceptive stance in this podcast, and about the same energy expressed at his forum: don't worry.

We recommend listening to some of the other broadcasts August has done in the past, including one at Coast 2 Coast.

We thank those who listened and were inspired to obtain a copy of the book to see for themselves, as well as for their warm, validating letters of support because they are greatly enjoying it. Thanks especially to those who have reported quite astounding events of synchronicity that seem to have been triggered by their reading the book!