Friday, December 31, 2010


This spiral galaxy is an island universe of about 100 billion stars, 30 million light-years away toward the constellation Pisces.

Can a journey "begin"?

It is the eve of a new year, as some of Earth's humanity perceives it. Many perceive it as starting over, a new beginning, a new journey. It is a way we allow our minds to singularly and collectively use "time", which is nothing more than memories. Time is nothing more than memories. Are memories "things"? What are things? Is time some thing? Or is it no thing?  "Time is nothing more than memories." Another way of saying this is "Memories are nothing less than time." Which paradoxically circumnavigates us back to where we started with this thought: the beginning. And so there is only  beginning, and a centering in the all-beginning. We are speaking of both chronological and psychological time, although it appears we can separate them. Our mind thinks that it can psychologically create "time" from memories of light and dark, sun and stars, heat and cold. There is light and dark, sun and stars, heat and cold – but these are not "time." We think they are, and thus, we create an inner, psychological world that we assign as "reality." Thus a "journey" is also nothing more than a thought manifested in "time."

We offer some words from our book ~

The authors of this book have a simple yet grand wish for you—that you will no longer think you must fear what so many imagine as the “final silence.” Every thing has life, and because there is nothing but life, there is no silence anywhere. The very structure of the Intelligent Universe is light and music—singing, talking, and laughing. Life is real and death is not, so there is nothing to fear unless you fear life’s light-filled music. Death is not the end to life but another beginning, another birth. It is a door, a passage to more life, more than we could possibly imagine. And even though we are irreversibly immortal, we will never be able to imagine it all.

Human suffering becomes transformed when viewed through the new lens of knowledge gained about survival beyond death. As the light of conscious awareness is turned upon the alleged darkness, it will be seen that the negative things are actually positive, waiting in the shadows to be revealed. Some of this new knowledge appears majestically and quickly, but much of it is so subtly measured that sadly it’s often dismissed long before it fully arrives.

The experiences found in the following pages are shared endeavors between the Risen and the Yet-To-Rise. Many of the events are about the transformation of grief into many things, including joy. This transformation gives all involved greater access to one another. Whereas before our grief might have been draining the life out of our living, we will have opportunities to experience and subsequently understand that there is no such thing as death. This will allow us to put joy back into our living, which is the meaning of “enjoy.” Many these days seem to think that they should be getting joy out of living, but they have it backwards. Joy is something we put into living, for we are the channels for this ever-emerging energy, which is also our Source. That is, the Source is not only in us, but we are the Source. We are the fountains through which the waters of life flow. We are the lilies and the fields and the ground from which all being and awareness of being arises and manifests.

Those who turn their minds toward outflowing joy into their earthly experience will come to know a continually new and greater serenity in life and in living, as well as realizing that a joyful reunion with their loved ones is unavoidably inevitable. There is even comfort in knowing that if, for whatever reason, we cannot allow this outflowing to happen now, it will eventually happen in another now.

The Risen ask us to contemplate a spiral as we journey through this book. The spiral is an ancient emblem of life, transcendence, and eternity, running deep through all earthly cultures. It evokes deep relaxation and calm. It is revealed as a living symbol throughout Nature—in pinecones, the petals and seed heads of flowers, the arrangement of leaves on a stem; water spinning in a whirlpool, the shell of a snail, the winds circling the earth; the horns of a goat, the coils of a snake, and even a head of cauliflower. Stars, galaxies, and people dance in waves of living spirals. Spirals are found throughout our body—in the proportions of its components, in our fingerprints, in the movement of the blood as it travels through us, and in the pattern of the hair on our heads. The very strands of our DNA intertwine in an animated spiral.
    Life is also a spiral—a sacred relationship of matter, time, and space that leads to a continual transcendence of them. Life’s presence and actions are its own evidence—of itself and of its immortality. The center of life’s spiral is the center of the Self as it moves through eternity, never the same at any moment, yet never losing the essential spirit of its Origin. Life is the Original Spirit.
    The spiral often seems to be a maze, an icon of the life journey of a human being, seemingly struggling alone along an unknown path, while trying to discover its center. Many of us will spend a lifetime worrying about whether we are journeying toward or away from the center.
    For those of us still earth-embodied, our spiral path will change. In fact, it simply cannot exist without change, for the spiral of all life is a process. Upon our transition to places of existence beyond this planet, our journey will transmute into a new and more intensely living motif. We will each begin this transition in our own unique way, and then we will awaken as a Risen One into a new world. Instead of continuing to manifest as a seemingly isolated island encircled by a sea of unforgiving loneliness, a new life-spiral and a new way of being will emerge. As these new beings, we will rejoin all whom we have ever loved and who have loved us, including many old and new friends and lovers. We will emerge as an integral part of an infinitely spiraling community of like-minded others, to dwell in ever-present joy, learning, service, and love.

Know also that both fear and excitement arise from the same feeling. One brings you closer to love and adventure, while the other takes you further away from them. Your loved ones, who are in a spiritual body like yours, but in a physical body unlike yours, sense your growing excitement, and are not afraid. Let’s begin to look at these strange and wonderful implications with them.

The journey begins.