Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Are Dolphins People? What are "People" Anyway?

As a psychotherapist, I'm interested in many aspects of living of all living things, including the earth sciences, and to this end, am a member of a scientific community listserve.

Recently, Alla Katsnelson, news editor at The Scientist, online magazine of the Life Sciences, posted something that especially resonated for me regarding Tim's interactions with the cetacean Scientist-Healers who hold leadership roles on "Borrowed From Angels" (as documented in The Risen.)

Alla writes: "Studies are increasingly showing that dolphins are more intelligent than we've given them credit for, and research reported in the last few days suggests they’re more intelligent than chimps. Yet a recent documentary called The Cove describes dolphins being regularly slaughtered for food.

"Do we need to change how we think about these creatures, and provide them with special protection? And what does the phrase 'non-human persons' — a phrase used to describe the status they should have — actually mean?"

One scientist responded, "Yes they should be protected. Indeed, what does 'person' mean? This is long overdue. We keep finding more and more about how similar other species are to us, breaking down the psychological barriers of us and them. The Precautionary Principle applied to ethics/morality (in this case regarding other species) should be even more stringent than applied to ecology/biology in which it is often not applied strongly enough."

Queens Psychic Club of NYC

This Wednesday, January 6th, 2010, our very dear and talented friend, Dee Colon, and her colleague, Dom Villella from Paranormal NYC present:

“The Truth Behind Paranormal Investigations”

They will talk about how investigations are truly conducted and will dispel myths presented in the media about false manifestations and parapsychic phenomenon that “seem” to take place during such broadcasts.

Numerology report by Jill Bauman along with Astrology and a Meditation by Dee will also be featured with this evenings’ program.

Founded in September, 1993, the Queens Psychic Club is beginning its sixteenth year.

They are the largest and most respected psychic community in the New York City area (1,000 members); average meeting attendance is about 75, (depending on the topic.) They discuss all categories of psychic phenomena, and everyone, seekers and sharers alike are welcome - because everyone is psychic.

The meetings are from 7:30 - 9:30pm, doors open at 7:00 o'clock,the first Wednesday of every month (except on holidays) - at the Flushing Free Synagogue (no religious affiliation) 41-60 Kissena Blvd. in Flushing, Queens, NY. They are centrally located, two blocks from the last stop on the #7 train from Manhattan, and the Long Island RR. Numerous buses from Jamaica and other parts of Queens pass nearby, or stop directly in front of the synagogue. There is plenty of free parking available in the parking lot adjacent to the building.

There is an $8 admission for your first visit, which includes automatic membership and gets you on the mailing list, thereafter it is only $5, when attending. Everyone is welcome... this is a place to meet people of all ages, and like minds.

The format of the meetings consists of networking, (current workshops, lectures, events, etc.) discussions, and sharing of experiences. There is usually a brief description of the numerology and astrological meaning for the month. At 8:00 o'clock there is a brief meditation, and there are always free refreshments. The lectures begin at 8:30, by leading psychics, mediums, or healers.

For more information regarding the Queens Psychic Club, the fair and special events, call: 718-762-1448 or email at: www.