Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fields of Inner Silence: a reponse to The Risen

E.W., who kindly gave permission to share her thoughts here at the blog, wrote to us:

“I heard your interview with Eldon Taylor on Hay House Radio and ordered The Risen. I am nearly half-way through the book and I felt I had to send you kudos and congratulations on the production of this monumental work. I, too am a health care professional (a retired general surgeon) who has always lived among The Risen, trying to make sense of my own life experiences. THANK YOU, THANK YOU all for this teaching manual, it is a brilliant work."

We responded:
"E.W., thanks so much for your supportive and validating email - it's fascinating to hear the different reading experiences people are having with the book. You're halfway through already, that's some kind of record! Usually those readers who have been familiarizing themselves with this kind of thing, through their own personal experiences and reading and research, tend to find it smoother sailing. Others discover quickly it's not 'Spirit 101' and have to take it very slowly. One very experienced medium is purposely going very slowly in his reading because he said it's 'meant to be savored.' Still others have been unable to get past a few pages and for the time have simply stopped.

“Thanks also for listening to the broadcast. Dr. Taylor later shared that he realized, while conducting the interview, that there was a depth to the material that had not been as apparent until he actually began to activate it via the exploratory dialogue process with us. This was especially validating to me regarding the Risen's purported intent that the material is meant to be instructional as well as inspirational. Dr. Taylor immediately asked us back and slotted us as soon as he could (December!) Tim and I are especially gratified to hear that you recognize it as a teaching manual - many do not, for some reason or other, but tend to see only what they're able to see or expect.

“As for ‘making sense’ of shared experiences between the Risen and non-Risen, we're sure you realize it can't be done in the way our ego-minds want to grasp, measure and control. But the fact that you have had such experiences links you with others who have in very different ways - possibly through fields of energy. It's interesting how these experiences really lead us into having to remain silent most of the time about them. Fortunately, it's in these fields of inner silence that allow us strengthened access and sustained contact with our Risen friends.

“It would be great if you felt you could submit a review of the book at Amazon at some point; it would add to the kind of resonance the Risen team has been working toward. If you haven't yet, you can also listen to another broadcast done a few months ago - the link to its archive as well as to a transcript are to be found at our website.

“We welcome your continued correspondence as you continue to read. We'd also like to hear about your own Risen experiences over your life, should you like to share them.
— August & Tim"

E.W. responded back:

“I am overwhelmed that you took the time to write such a wonderful response to my e-mail. I love the book for many reasons and I have just listened to your broadcast from January, 2010. I'd be happy to write a review after I have finished the entire work and you may certainly use my comments any time.

“Living in a world where my professional life was so concrete and left-brained, it is a great relief to have retired from that recently and in so doing, freed myself to develop my mediumship. Because of my career orientation and my life in the scientific community, my communication with The Risen has been primarily through dreams and meditation. I now see it is possible through practice to communicate directly while awake as you and Tim are able to do.

“I have read the work of many spiritual teachers and experienced development in groups where I have always found my contact with The Risen to be of a different sort than described by others and almost impossible to explain. I now understand why this is so and I am so grateful to you and Tim and the other Risen who have helped transmit this message in a meaningful way. I am looking forward to following your blog and continuing our conversation!”

“Dear E.W. ~

It is really quite wonderful to hear how your own personal abilities have evolved and transitioned to a higher-vibrating enhancement of experience, as stimulated by your interaction with the material. Consciously aware contact is what many of us sometimes strive for with one another, and it can indeed occur with those such as the Risen. Thanks for sharing this!
August & Tim”