Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Dawn Has Come

“Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore ~

Tim has finally been able to get back closer to the Earth plane for a bit - enough to make all kinds of fun contact. I wonder if Samhain is coming earlier this year? Some of you know that he recently materialized his entire arm and hand in my bed, waking me and the disgruntled cats up. Also, a few days ago, I was taking a quick "cat nap" in the office between sessions, and didn't realize that my phone alarm had not been set correctly. Of course, I had quickly fallen into a deep sleep, totally unaware. Exactly 5 minutes before my patient was to arrive, Tim woke me up instantly by softly saying "Boo!" in my right ear. This is particularly exciting because I've been slowly working toward developing direct voice mediumship. Also, a close friend reports being contacted by Tim during a time of great duress; when asked to prove his identity, Tim was able to convey our secret code word without saying it - he mimed it - he always was great at Charades! My friend did not know we had a code word, so this was wonderful validation. Since he transitioned even further beyond his initial Risen geography, it's been much more difficult and complicated for us to connect in the old meaningful ways we're used to. But the Universe is built upon change, which is transition.

Which includes my own career, in which I find myself rapidly transitioning. A year and half ago I was giving friends what seemed to be perfectly true and rational reasons why I couldn't do what I'm doing now. It's happening anyway, in spite of my efforts otherwise. And I'm thrilled, excited, trying not to throw up all at the same time. Suddenly, ideas are coming into my head, albeit shadowy and not fully formed, that portend new windows and doors, even new dimensions of life I've never consciously entertained. I feel like I've been waking up from some kind of dream. R. Tagore's quote also applies here, for the lamp one believes one must keep burning against the fear of change, loss or death is no longer necessary, for one realizes that one IS the lamp.

One reason I'm happy for this new adventure is that it may finally give me back some time to continue work on the two new Risen books in progress.

I recently watched "Midnight in Paris" for the first time, and I just loved it. It seemed to have messages for me, including caution about the tantalizing nature of nostalgia, and longing not to be present, but in the "golden age of the past" .... which, if I'm interpreting Tim's suppositions correctly, is quite dangerous. For if we continue to pine for and dwell in the good old days, when we transition, we will wake up in those days, seemingly reincarnated -- not on the original Earth, but in a trap of our own devising. We will do this over and over until we realize the mistake we're making; at that point, and if we ask for help, the Risen will be able to step in and lead us to the true safety of a new Reality. My being able to communicate with the Risen can only happen when I surrender by letting go of what holds me, and open myself up by asking for help. We must always ask for assistance for everything - this has been slowly dawning on me - because otherwise we will reinforce the isolating misbelief that we are Alone, instead of dwelling in and as the All-One, or Creator Source.

A fair number of friends have shared various concerns about their health, and worrying about eating the right things. Food is spiritual substance, of which we are made from as well. Our beliefs about food make it good or bad. All the microbes in our body are also spiritual substance, and will co-exist in Divine Harmony if we understand that Creator Source cannot, in truth, be divided against Itself. If we are injecting negative thoughts of fear and evil into our body, the microbes, and every organ, will become confused and afraid. If anyone is ever concerned or in pain, I recommend they reach out to Spirit and especially ask for my Risen colleague, Dr. Erich Kaufmann - however, he only likes to be called "Kaufmann", otherwise he gets annoyed. You also have to really, really want his help, so one has to be a kind of pest and keep repeating over and over and over, "Help me, Kauffmann...I need your help now, Kauffman." It appears he has found that only if someone really, really wants help and believes in letting another loving being help them, will his response and efforts have effect and not be wasted. I actually have a photo of him, which is over 100 years old, that he caused to be brought to me in the way Spirit orchestrates such things, and will try to scan it and post here soon.