Monday, May 22, 2006


This morning there were two mourning doves sitting together on a branch of the flowering locust tree just outside my window, calmly, silently looking in. This quite affected me, for Spirit always sends birds to watch over me during challenging times, especially where transition and grief are concerned. Usually they send ravens, which are rather rare in Manhattan. There have been other rare-looking birds which I couldn’t identify. Their presence helps me feel protected and connected. McHenry, a 9-month old siamese kitten, was quietly watching them back. I cried a little, seeing this strange and powerful scene.

A few moments later, when I returned to look at them, they had moved from the branch to the windowsill, facing one another. McHenry was also quietly lying on the sill on his side, stretched out beside them, all separated only by a pane of glass. He seemed to be joining them in their purpose. A little later, I left the apartment, carrying with me into my day this vision of Higher Purpose.