Sunday, June 20, 2010

Suffering or Joy?

Suffering arises from the false sense of untrue duality, which yet remains ever a mystery to most of us embodied on this plane, and one few are able to solve. The most powerful question, it seems to me, (August) is "Can I learn through joy rather than suffering?" This also seems to compound the mystery, and to confound the thinking mind; perhaps this is necessary. The Risen do not think or use thoughts, which arise from the ego-mind. What an incredible, awesome experience of interacting with, and observing others, without thought. And here appears a clue to the answer to the original question about suffering, which is that without thought, there is only joy. Joy is the sun which always shines. Thought blocks and distort the light of Truth, which is joy itself.

Denial of the Afterlife

Victor Zammit, in his most recent newsletter, notes, "5 to 7% of people on earth do not want to accept that the afterlife exists and do not even want to investigate the possibility. . . it appears either through environmental negative programming - or for whatever reason a class of people appear not to have the skills and equanimity to accept there is an afterlife. " He then ponders,

"Did they miss out on something at birth? Is it not reasonable to ask those higher intelligences in the afterlife to work out some way to equip every human born on earth with an built-in knowing that there is an afterlife and that we are accountable for what we do in our lives so that all humans start on an equal footing?"

"My belief is that if people really knew without any doubt that there is an afterlife they would behave in a much more spiritual way and that those who committed atrocities were ones who did not accept there was an afterlife or

Victor asks readers to email in their ideas about this.

For us, it's no mystery —it's the ego-mind's doing, through the power defense mechanism it has developed and employed, denial. As we recently shared with our good friend, Rob, anyone operating through the ego-mind as if it's them cannot re-realize Authentic Self without some kind of "shock" to the system, which temporarily short-circuits and disables the ego-mind's grasp. Even just trying to explain to the person would not be enough of a jolt to the system. However, one can pray for that person, which might help establish conditions sufficient for the initiation of change.

In our book, The Risen, in the chapter "Ego-Mind and the Simulate Selves" it states,

"Change is the vehicle for creatively moving about and within Reality. When sensed, distance and space combine to manifest the sense of movement, simultaneously manifesting an experiential sense of time. Connecting with true Reality, or even the beginning awareness of a projected edge against Reality, would initiate a weakening of the simulate self’s structure, contributing to its possible dissolution and reintegration into something larger, even while Authentic Self is still earth-embodied. The dissolution of the ego-mind and its simulate selves is inevitable, which the ego-mind correctly understands and greatly dreads as its own kind of death. It also instinctively understands that it will become severed from all its relationships with the material world when the individualized Authentic Self transitions to a state where a different kind of embodiment is experienced from the current one. The refusal to accept the instinctual knowledge of its own death and any related references to death is the base element of the complex ego-system known as denial.

"Change, or mutation, is the means of continuance for material expression of Authentic Self. For the ego-mind, mutation forewarns an ending, or death. Transmutation, or mutation to a Risen state, is the ending of the ego-mind. For Authentic Self, any ending contains the experience of the next beginning, and the next, and so on, forever. The construct known as the ego-mind has learned how to convince us that its sense of ending is erroneously our own. "

It may be correctly sensed that not only is this defense system complex, but deeply embedded in what could be called the "race consciousness," which extends back to the earliest dawning of awakening human consciousness, and is inherently interwoven with the underconsciousness of present day humanity. This barely recognized depth of ego-mind involvement is why a "shock" to the system is required.