Friday, November 07, 2014

Physical Seance Room Album Now Available!

Physical Seance Room Recollections
Wonderful Memories
Physical Phenomena
as told by 
Senior Spiritualists

2 CDs containing a series of first-hand accounts of physical seance room events, told by spiritualists who sat with mediums about whom today we can only read about.

Preface & Introduction by Steward Alexander

Disc 1:
Douglas Lawrence on physical mediumsnip
Trance recording of medium Gladys Osborne
Eugene Woods (USA) recounts his experiences with medium "Chris"
Kathleen Allen on mediums Ronald Strong & Helen Duncan
Joan Honor on mediums Helen Duncan & William Olsen

Disc 2:
Elsie Richards on medium Frank Harvard
Original National Association of Spiritualists summing up w/contemporary comments
William Cookson on Helen Duncan
Reverand Merrill on medium Millicent Benedict
Ivy Northage: experiences of physical mediumship
Mrs. L.T. Gordon on Helen Duncan & Alec Harris

I have just received my copy and am barely able to convey the sense of history and mystery that emerges from these very important and modern artifacts.

The cost of the Album is £12.50 (Sterling). Shipping determined by location. Send all inquiries to Stewart Alexander at this email. Payment is easily arranged via PayPal worldwide.

You may recognize Stewart as one of the world's contemporary leading physical mediums, also author of An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium.