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From The Archives: Risen Egg

[First posted July 19, 2010]

A reader writes:
Dear August,
I've been reading your blog for a little while now and find it fantastic and you to be the genuine article from what I know of this field. Good job on it!
Your recent post about your friend materializing is compelling to say the least. One thing in particular: the notion that you got that he was working with some sort of spiritside science group, and that he used a piece of seeming "technology" to communicate with them. This jives wholesale with the work of Mark Macy and ITC etc. and their spiritside contacts with Timestream Station. Are you familiar with them?
On another note, the post about the people dying in a store who were so frightened of death and what had happened to them that they instinctively reverted to children looking for their parents, crying and panicking, is heartbreaking and scary too. Why hadn't the "system" of the afterlife do you think not provided them with a peaceful transition, a helper, etc.? Good thing that you were there but it seems a little cruel to me that anyone would have to be obliterated by fear like that.
Cordially, SJV

Thanks, SJV, for your thoughtful words and wonderings. We appreciate that you are able to find things of interest in our blog, perhaps even our book, which goes into much more detail about Tim's work with technologists, scientists, and other like-minded souls. Indeed, the project of the book was brought into manifestation by a cooperative of two such groups, The Risen Collective and The Risen Assembly, as noted in The Authorship. We've been very aware of much of the work of the various ITC researchers over many years, and find much pleasurable interest in it, especially such as that found in Rob Smith's work in Australia. It has become clear that the technology of those in the Risen "geographies" — as we tend to label them — is as far beyond that of anything currently on the terrestrial plane as light is from shadows.

The story of the WTC victims who regressed back into the forms and minds of children is in the book, among many reasons, to help illustrate much of the psychology that underpins The Risen. Just because someone has a grown, adult body does not mean a grown, adult person inhabits it. It may at first sight seem a cruelty, or some might even say an injustice, that the people were "left" or "abandoned" as the frightened children they were. Yet we are finally growing more aware of and more used to the idea that we form our lives, our worlds and universes around us; we are responsible for those forms, we are responsible for how we use them to live our lives, and for the very environments we choose to manifest. This is the most primary and lowest meaning of "free will" — beyond which, most of us have none to speak of, for we have not earned it.

In this case, they may have seemed lost, but only in their minds. If you've ever been around someone who is seriously mentally ill or impaired, you may have experienced them as if they weren't fully there, or aware of anything beyond the small, self-circumscribed and maintained walls of isolation. You may try many ways to reach them, get their attention, and make them understand that the walls are an illusion — but they are too lost to see or hear or feel your words, or your world. We might even say that the situation is "cruel." It is truly heart breaking.

From a higher-vibrating viewpoint, there is no "cruelty" at all, but rather a nonjudgmental viewpoint expanded by the greater compassion found in the higher levels of awakeness. Most of us have seen a little child, so young that there is no understanding of the world about them, how it works, what things mean on a higher level, and yet they are without fear and so full of curiosity that we have to stay close by to make sure they don't get hurt — for would they listen to our words of warning? Could they? And many of us have seen the same child, full of fear and worry, totally lost in its feelings of isolation from the world about it, blind and deaf to anyone who might try to comfort it. Comfort will come, but rarely instantly, for the child must first reach a point of feeling safe and seen again. "Where's mommy where's mommy where's mommy? Oh, there you are!" This takes time, something we have plenty of on Earth, and so eventually they are calm again, and have probably learned something about their world.

So it was with these poor, frightened people. They were too lost to see that many highly-vibrating Risen rescuers were right there, waiting to be seen, heard, and felt. Because time works so differently beyond the terrestrial planes, it could have taken many earthly centuries before they calmed down enough to be able to come to their new spiritual senses. This is why "spirit rescuers" are utilized, who, while in their astral bodies, are a kind of "hybrid" between terrestrial human and Risen — partially Risen, in a way — and can often be sensed, heard and seen by those trapped by their own fears and ignorance. If they are able to hear and accept even a little new information and then some instruction, it's often enough to propel them beyond the walls of their prison, or often, the rescuer can help them pass over, by passing them, like a bucket brigade, over to a higher realm. The butterfly is gently helped out of its stuck position in the cocoon. Transition to a beautiful new way of living can, at last, begin. And nobody knows exactly what will emerge from a Risen egg, but it will be unique, loving, and loved.

Substitute any of the synonyms for the word describing "position" in the cocoon — situation, spot, point, locus, station, stance, pose, arrangement, attitude, opinion, policy, stance, perception, side, attitude, thinking, outlook — and we can begin to see the deeper implications of the consequences of self-imposed beliefs and fears.

There was also the clear vision and understanding of the Risen who were standing by, that because there is no death, there cannot possibly by any thoughts of "obliteration," much less any truth to such an idea. There are so many spiritual "systems" in place to aid such people in distress that the complexity and subtle brilliance of them are interwoven into the most complex tapestries of love and service hardly imaginable. Nobody is forced to be who or where they are; nobody can intervene, or make changes, or interfere in any way until asked; and then, nobody is ever refused — ever. Those small "children" were too paralyzed by their own fear to be even able to ask for help, but their spiritual instincts were at least able to find and bring them to what was sensed as safety, if only for a little bit.

Mediumistic Psychotherapy

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart...
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.
~ Carl Jung ~

Having mediumistic gifts is ever a blessing and a challenge. While the experiences they bring provide greater insight into the unseen cosmos of which we are an inseparable part, they also offer opportunities for personal expansion and growth of our individuality. These opportunities often go unnoticed due to unconscious personal blocks and defenses, including shyness, over-aggrandizement, self-doubt, worry, and frustration, all which hinder greater immersion into the mediumistic experience as well as personal evolution. One’s own past also may contain less-than-positive physical, mental, emotional and psychological developmental experiences that have become entrenched in the present life, preventing us from achieving greater self-acceptance and compassionate understanding of others. This kind of baggage is simply not necessary anymore. We would like to help.

August has been in private practice for many years as a licensed and credentialed psychotherapist in New York City. Because of his years of experiential study and comprehension of the psychospiritual aspects of mediumship, he has been asked by his Risen guides to provide his services as a mediumistic psychotherapist to those individuals who are also mediumistic, and wish to gain increased insight into their own personal processes that may be hindering their progress as mediums and, more precisely, their spiritual self-awareness and beingness.

These private and confidential therapeutic sessions are not meant to provide instructions or lessons on how to be a medium, nor to provide readings, but intended for those mediums who want to achieve higher vibration of awareness of self and of the other spiritual dimensions. Identifying blocks or incomplete development will underlie the goals. Our cooperative and intense but gentle, careful exploration into the inter-vibrational aspects of mediumship may indeed bring increased development of one’s mediumistic abilities, while activating those that are still latent, by fine-tuning the spiritual senses to formerly hidden, personal interpenetrating realities.

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