Thursday, January 26, 2006


A few references have been made to "spiritualists" and "spiritualism," and many of the mediums, writers, and others we've mentioned have had varying associations as or with spiritualism. It's part of our heritage, in a way, and is rich in historical material. We'd like to clarify that we're not spiritualists, nor do we necessarily endorse or disavow this religion; but there are naturally resonances and connexions.

I came across this particularly interesting American spiritualist church (most are in the UK) and was especially charmed by an upcoming event they're sponsoring called " Victorian Evening With Spirit and Friends." The site is well constructed to be informative and non-woo-woo (to me, anyway,) and is a fairly good overall example of spiritualist church. I've known my share of spiritualists over the years but have not had any direct experience in any big way, so as well, I refer you to Wikipedida's article about the subject.

I'm feeling a little sad today -- and there's nothing like a piddy party when feeling sad.