Saturday, March 15, 2014

From The Archives: Making My Own Sidewalk

[originally posted 2/27/2006]

One for the money,
Two for the show,
Three to get ready,
Four to go,
Five for sorrow,
Six for mirth,
Seven for a funeral,
Eight for a birth,
Nine for hell,
Ten for heaven;
No time to watch the News At Eleven
Hopscotch Rhyme for the 21st Century

"I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
— Robert Frost

E.W. wonders:

"Does this negation usher one into a realm where 'anything goes'? I've noticed in my readings that accounts of dimensional experience can vary in the extreme. In many cases these variations seem due to differences in mental beliefs, experiences distorted by particular goggles as it were, but in other cases it seems like a matter of attempting to express experiences where anything is possible. So I'm wondering if consensual reality even exists in dimensional experience? You'll probably say, essentially, that there are no limiting terms, but this of course is impossible for our earth brains to grasp (which is the point!). But once one starts to open up to this mysterious space between the '1' and the '0' doesn't it help to have some idea what's happening, or expected to happen, if only to help push or pull one further into it?

"Stepping into a forest can be a bewildering and almost numbing experience, like being engulfed in undifferentiated green, but as one begins to distinguish between this tree and that tree, that set of eyes and those others, as one begins to notice and gather together various details, then the forest can become, instead of an organic blob, a vast realm of endless detail. I guess I'm just saying that people usually need guides (guides we can trust) who can explain things just enough to allow us to get our footing so that we can eventually set out on our own. Once again I'm obviously just using you to answer my own questions, but in this way I also acquire a guide (sort of)."

Oh, yes, E.W. — anything goes. Everything goes. Everything is going at once. All That Is, is — It is created — the past tense used here for "create" is confusing, because it limits. Words limit, symbols limit. Mind, or Self-Reflection of All That Is, can self-limit as It desires, giving rise to any experiences, which are unlimited. An unlimited experience is not limitation, although it might appear as a limitation. As you note, beliefs are the tools (or weapons) of limitation and expansion — whether one says "ex-press" or "out-press" — of mind into manifestational experience. When one observes a tree at the sub-atomic level, it presents quite differently from the human post of observation. The further one goes in, the bigger it gets. The further one moves away, the more one sees (the smaller it seems.) Not only do things look differently from the two places, but they act differently. Why? What For? How Come?

A sentence in a paragraph is like seeing a tree in the forest —or not seeing it, but just seeing the forest, depending on understanding. As K. once suggested, there can be no understanding without agreement. If nobody agrees with one about a particular tree, does that mean one's tree does not exist? For that one, it exists; for others, it might not. Consensual reality, which we appear to inhabit most of our time, is based on agreement, or consensus. If from within that reality of consensus everyone disagrees about reality, why doesn't it all fly apart? It does, while staying loosely connected in conformity to the lower conservative imaginal sub-quantum structures which we cannot see from our human observation post(s). It's flying apart all the time, otherwise known as "change."

Especially with K.'s old works, and Seth's and Jane Robert's as well, I often have to return to a sentence many times in order to understand it, which for me means I agree with it completely. Without complete agreement, I do not understand it. It's hard work. It's not unlikely to take years. Unless I give up and let it come to me, like a cat.

We don't need guides, for we don't need anything. We manifest need because we believe in limiting our Universe in some way; and perhaps we like the experience of need.
Setting out on our own is exciting, especially when we realize we can do it. In my therapy work, I call this "at the edge." We all have an edge in our life, but generally experience great discomfort, even pain, when we're somehow brought close to it. Our beliefs seem to generate a kind of forcefield which keeps us all penned and docile. Remove the fences of belief from around us and then look out! Look in and then look out. Then experience stop looking. Then find something else to do! My favourite thing to do is to sit on the edge and dangle my feet over it and imagine jumping or hovering out beyond the edge over nothing. There is great power that one begins to truly see and experience for the first time.

I'm reminded of Psychic Politics by Jane Roberts, which I just began to read for the first time. It is not a Seth book, but one that she wrote, or rather transcribed from a book already existing in a "library" in another dimension. The Risen is one such book, and Tim has seen it in a different version on at least one other level of dimension. Our version also appears in his world (or "model" — see below.) There are some fascinating ideas about how the ego came to be in this work.

Psychic Politics began with Jane receiving this beginning transcription, as she read along with an alternate Jane who was in an other dimension's library:

"There are ever-changing models for physical reality, transforming themselves constantly in line with new equations instantly set up with each new stabilization, eternally forming with a blinding rapidity of motion. Yet any one model, whether for a molecule or an entire civilization, never vanished once it is impressed in the medium of probabilities. We tune in to these models, and our intreractions with them alter them at any given point, causing new dimensions of actuality that then reach out from that new focus.

"Past plus present equals future. 1 plus 1 equals 2. So it seems, but the 1, 1, and 2 exist at the same time and so do the past, present, and future, though not necessarily in that order."

Later, Jane wrote about her experience of a particular model, the "library" she saw manifest and superimposed over a corner of her livingroom:

"When you get the feeling of the model and your own creative version of it changing the whole thing, then you really sense your own power. You tune in to a fuller version of the world. You're also aware, then, of the power of the model and able to use it. Then, like a magnet, zoom! the two get pulled together, pulled into line, you and your model. A whole new orientation results, with the world and with others. There's suddenly evidence for things that before you had to take on faith if you accepted them at all.

"The model is the basis for what we think of as the self-image. We keep building our own model in the private psyche to correspond to this sensed greater one, and use it as a working plan. Yet we sense the model also as it exists apart from us almost in classic terms. Once you sense the model, then your own 'rightness' and 'aptness' is instantly apparent, and in an odd way, physically percievable. You also understand and perceive the aptness and rightness of each other person — or thing.

"It's as if a series of alignments had occurred, or as if the visible world were suddenly lined up with its invisible counterpart, and you realize that before you'd only seen half of reality, half of people's existence. Now the invisible portion fleshes out the exterior to its fullest and supports it. "

Later, while continuing to try to figure out her experience, Jane discusses how "psychic maps" and roadsigns are laid out by others for us to follow within consensual reality, but that they are, for her, essentially limiting. She notes that when we are traveling through our own psyche (mind-soul-self-??) this internal journey is through the "deepest mind" and refers to "making our own sidewalk," or making our own path as we travel through our own mind, with our own mind.

Tim noted just this kind of experience in his Risen state:

“I can seemingly walk forever onward and never come to an end, as if eternity is contained within a few short blocks. You and I have been shown and now understand, to a very limited degree, that one of the infinite concepts of ‘forever’ is that we manifest it. Some might say we create it, but to be nit-picky, everything has already been created, and so everything already just is. We are the shapers and shifters of creation, causing it to manifest as it pleases us. There is no end to anything, any walls or boundaries. There are no finalities, simply because wherever you go, there you are, something that people on Earth already intuit. But on the Risen level one also intuits ‘Whenever you go, then you are.’ This is realization of one’s immortality.

"If we move in a way that we want to be ‘outward,’ that movement can continue without ceasing, manifesting environments within which to dwell. The very movement of mind is manifestation. If we move in a way that we desire to be ‘inward,’ the result is the same. If I desire to dwell in light or darkness, or seasons and weather, there are no limitations imposed upon my desires except for those I place upon myself."

Simply and essentially, Tim is saying that where we stand, there also is our Universe. Beyond that, there is no "our Universe" yet. As we move, in any way, our Universe then moves with us. This is infinity. Movement, that is, Life, which is All That Is and Who We Are, never stops, never dies, never ceases vibrating. This is eternity. Together, they are our immortality.

K. declared that truth is a pathless land. At every potentiality that arises from every possible dimension (and from the impossible ones as well,) an arising which never ceases, the path begun has already ended as it begins another one. Perhaps one should say that the point begun has already ended as another is begun, and so all points are connected. Or that there is no point to the Universe.

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