Tuesday, May 01, 2018

If I Only Had a Brain.

A psychotherapist and colleague, K. asks,
"Have you ever read anything about how spirits "work" over there with no brain? I have thought that maybe that's why when they have messages they are usually  just about memory things that happened in their lives here because they don't have
brains to think with?"

What an interesting question, and here is our answer:

Walt Whitman was right when he said “I am not contain'd between my hat and my boots.” Once Risen, we shall discover that our modes of consciousness and powers of action are not entirely restricted to our new physical body -- for a kind of physical body it will be -- at least for some undetermined time after arising on The Other Side. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake, whom you will find mentioned in our first book, has developed the concept of "morphic resonance" which is a theory of fields that lie outside the physical body and brain, and demonstrates in his work that thus there is no "inside" or "outside" to the human brain. And that the brain is not where thinking takes place, but rather acts as a tuning instrument that tunes into the vibrations of the morphic fields.
Once we are no longer living on the Earth plane, we will still have bodies much like we had on the Earth, including internal "organs" that are spiritual complements of the earthly ones, including a brain. From what I've been shown by those in such bodies, and with my limited capacity to verbalize what I've seen, if one were to examine the "internal organs" of someone Risen in Spirit, one would see "articulations of light" rather than the dense fleshy material we'd see in an earthly brain. The "lungs", "heart" and even brain would have higher functions, so while the lungs would not take in air as we do; they would take in light -- which is what air really is to begin with -- but not through breathing. 
In my experience, those who somehow manage to get through seem to have a lot of trouble sometimes locating old earthly memories. Such "memory lapses and losses" that we are often confronted with when asking a Risen Person to demonstrate some past issue or experience is also explored in both our books. Because they eventually, and often quickly, no longer identify with the human life they've risen above and left behind, the lack of vibratory resonance with those fields of earthly memory become obvious, because such identities are no longer necessary or even wanted. It requires a special skill to learn how to locate and re-activate such fields, but seldom have the time or energy it would require to accomplish this during a seance. This includes their being able to access the morphic field of our earthly brain to search and locate events of resonance, which we would label as some kind of telepathy or mind-reading. But really, we just want to know that they're alive, well and happy, which is what they want us to know also, and for me personally, is enough for the very brief moments they can come through and stay. The things of our shared earthly past are really just so much flotsam and jetsam, which we might as well allow to flow on while we all expand and move forward.