Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sardinia Seance: Materialized Phenomena for August

I'd like to share with you my experiences about an Apport that appeared outside the seance room, and two "Activation/Creation" stones that came through for me during 2 physical mediumship seances in Sardinia, February  20 and 21, 2018.  It would take me days and days to report every detail and nuance, and I'm sure I'm missing things from my memory, but I'm glad I can remember this much!

 Note that the "Activation Stones" are not "apports" -- these objects are specialized spirit matter that materialize as connectors or "activators" between the particular spirit plane and the terrestrial plane of the owner of the stones. The are to link up the increasing number of physical mediumship circles now forming around the planet, among other agendas. Also called "creation" stones by the Spirit Alchemist Team of the Felix Experimental Group, via medium Kai Muegge. Note that "EP" is an abbreviation for "ectoplasm".

Fig. 1 - Apported Tuning Fork
Figure 1. I often work with therapeutic tuning forks, especially one called an "OM" fork, (136.1 HZ) which is sometimes referred to as the basic tone vibration of the planet Earth. I had obtained and brought two of these forks as gifts for friends I was to meet up in Sardinia. After gifting them while gathered at a friend's home, I later returned to my B&B to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, the same kind of light blue velvet bag was resting on the bedside table, and my first thought was that I must have inadvertently brought back one of the gifts, although I had no memory of it, so dismissed that idea. Then I wondered if maybe I had bought a 3rd fork and had brought it with me. But I have my own in a dark purple velvet bag, nor did I have any memory of putting a different bag on the bedside stand. I then accessed my online purchase account at the organization where I get my forks, and as I thought, I had purchased only two. So, after ruling out one possibility after another, I finally realized that this tuning fork was an apport by Spirit for me. It's also apparent that the tone has been ever-so-slightly altered in a way hard to explain, but experimentally obvious. So of course I've been using it on myself to explore what possible spiritual effects it might convey, and it clearly can stimulate very quick healing responses. This kind of event is typically how my Spirit friends tease me with apports, in ways that make me doubt my sanity, which, as put forth in the recent book, "The Risen: A Companion to Grief":
"Here is an extraordinarily essential clue about contact with the Risen. This “orchestration technique of ego-mind disarmament” is how our very own Risen Loved Ones will often interact with us in the beginning—gently teasing apart our well-defended beliefs, thread by thread, until the barriers between us and them become unraveled into something cryptic at first, upon which we are then invited to join them in re-weaving innovative and much more colorful, interesting approaches to exploring the riddles of life together." (p. 27)
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
So, on to the next riddles of Spirit life. At the first of two seances, Spirit brought through a beautiful beaded necklace and pendant of a Buddha, made of some dark stone, as a birthday gift for a special sitter near and dear to the medium's Spirit Team of Alchemists. The entranced medium was moved by his Spirit Control out of the cabinet, still sitting, and held his hands palms down over the cupped hands of the birthday person who sat on the floor a few inches in front of the medium. We all watched, while illuminated in fairly bright red light, the necklace materialize in the air above the sitter's hands, falling gracefully into them. Figures 2 and 3 show the necklace along with an impressive amount of activation stones that were brought forth for another sitter, including a silver ring with a green gem (at the lower right of Fig. 2) from the sitter's brother (now in Spirit). The ring was apported in the same way as the Buddha pendant; the stones were manifested through the entranced medium's tear ducts of the eye, and also his nostrils; after the first was extruded with some difficulty, the rest simply flowed out instantly and without sound. All of this was easily seen in good red light.

Figures 4-8 show the various activation stones, all meant for the second sitter, a very rare occurrence, as usually they are distributed in a perfect number to the rest of the sitters. They are very small, most ranging from 5mm to 10mm approx. diameter.

Fig. 4 Closeup of Creation Stone (approx 5mm diam.)

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

Fig. 8
Also during sitting #1, after the entranced medium sat within the closed cabinet for a few minutes, Hans signaled that he would bring the medium out by sliding his chair through the curtains, and for a fairly good red light to be directed upon the medium. Ectoplasm was being carefully extruded from the medium's mouth, and pulled gently using the medium's hands to extract it further. The curtains were closed for a few minutes more to build up the energies, and then opened under redlight to show how the ectoplasm was now flowing down onto the floor as it continued to pulsate as if breathing. In a matter of seconds, an ectoplasmic hand began to emerge, all five fingers clearly seen. Not a fully-formed human hand, but what might be called a "pseudo-hand-form", it continued to move under its own efforts, clearly with intelligent intent, and a kind of "pseudo-arm-form" emerged from it, and now the hand was making attempts to wave "hello" to all of us, as we watched in spellbound delight.

Other physical phenomena included sitters being touched by Spirit hands, especially in the beginning stages of the seance, as well as bright lights flashing through the thin fabric of the cabinet. One sitter, Serenella, who sat next to the cabinet in order to control the medium's position by keeping her hands on his the entire time, was unexpectedly met by a partially-materialized bluish entity who was said to be of extra-terrestrial nature and directly associated with her own mediumship development. We quickly dubbed this being "Blue", who moved about inside the cabinet and then began pushing his blue, glowing face into the curtain, making it bulge out only an inch or so away from the aforesaid sitter's face, who could scarcely believe what was happening. Intelligence, curiosity and humor were all clearly seen (at least by me) on this being's visage, which eventually receded and dimmed away.

At the beginning of the 2nd sitting the next evening, Hans Bender, the medium's spirit control and an "Alchemist" member of the Felix Experimental Group, spoke to me directly on behalf of the other members of the Spirit Team, acknowledging my work and books in intimate ways that still make me blush with their directness,  but I will share that they wanted me to know that my books were expressing "exactly and precisely" what they were striving to bring to the conscious awareness of those interested in the higher ways of a higher life of Spirit. The waves of Spirit Love that washed over me from them was overwhelming in their intensity, and I wept with a joyful abandon that was both energizing and healing.

Fig. 9 - Activation stone for Noveh
As during the night before, the entranced medium was brought out under red-light conditions. It was easily seen that the medium was beginning to extrude EP from the right eye, which quickly emerged with more and more mass until almost the entire right side of the medium's face was engulfed in ectoplasm, which was clearly seen to be moving and pulsing with life force. The medium's hands were then brought up to just beneath the eye where the substance was several inches thick, still pulsing with life, and he began to pull the EP apart to reveal what appeared to be a white, shining, faceted stone embedded in it. With what seemed like difficulty, the medium was eventually able to pry the stone out of the EP, and then gave it to Julia, the circle's main control, who managed the protocols of safety. This was an activation stone, (Figure 9) which Hans said was meant for my friend G. (aka "Noveh") who sits in my NYC circle and had traveled with me to Sardinia, for her unwavering commitment and devotion to our particular spiritual cause of mediumship development. This stone is approx. 30mm diameter, ending in a point at the bottom.

Fig. 10 - "Blood Stone" for August
Sitters continued to call out intermittently about spirit touches and lights. I myself was never touched directly, but about halfway through I saw a very small but intense light shining on the floor between my feet. I was so amazed by it that I forgot to call out about it. While I was observing it, Hans called Serenella, the other cabinet control working with Julia) to come sit on the floor before the cabinet. The deeply entranced medium was then caused to slide his chair out of the cabinet through the opened curtains, and bade Serenella to cup her hands beneath the outstretched, downward palms of the medium. Almost immediately there was a blinding white light that silently exploded from the medium's hands. I mean "blinding" and "exploded" quite literally, as the intensity of the light burst could not be looked at directly, and even though I was seated quite far and directly across from the medium at the other end of the room, it hurt my eyes. It reminded me of the light seen in the process of arc welding. From the light fell a stone, which I could not see, as my eyes were temporarily blinded. I was also trying to see if the light between my feet was still there, so was not listening to what Hans was saying, other than that he called the stone "a blood stone" - which I thought odd, as it's one of my birthstones. It wasn't until after the sitting was over that I was told that it had been meant for me! (See Figure 10 - approx. 45 mm diameter and 25 mm in height.)

Fig. 11 - Blue Activation Stone for Serenella

Serenella was told to stay sitting and barely a minute after the materialization of the blood stone, a 2nd activation stone fell into her hands, also bursting from an intense explosion of silent white light. This blue stone was for her! (See Fig. 11 - approx. 45 mm diameter and 25 mm in height.)

Soon after that the medium was able to bring through a tiny creation stone via the eye's tear duct, which then released 24 more small stones onto the towel Julia had placed beneath on the floor to catch them. There were exactly the right number to give one to each sitter. (See Figures 12-15.)
Click on Figure 14 to enlarge the three tiny stones, and a face can be seen in each one.

Fig. 12

Fig. 13

Fig. 14 - very close up of 5mm stones - can you  see
the faces in them?

Fig. 15 with sitter's hand to show size comparisons

Figures 16-19 show my Activation "Bloodstone" (approx 45 mm) as well as my tiny creation stone (approx 5mm). Figure 20-23 shows my stones as they now reside in my Spirit Dome at home in NYC. The other clear crystals within the dome are "Herkimer Diamonds" found only in Herkimer County, NY and which Spirit had directed me to locate and place in the dome. We also have the same configuration in our Circle's Dome.
Fig. 16

Fig. 17

Fig. 18
Fig. 19

Fig. 20

Fig. 21

Fig. 22
Fig. 23