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From The Archives: Zerdin Recognition

First posted December 20, 2009.

Rosalind Pearman of the UK Zerdin Phenomenal Organisation, which is globally recognized for its many years of supportive work in the area of promoting safe and healthy physical mediumship and manifestation, writes us that they recently acquired a copy of The Risen, and that “it will be read with much enthusiasm” — one of their members will write up a book review to publish in their bi-monthly subscription based magazine, The Zerdin Phenomenal. Thank you, Rosalind & Dennis!
[The image above, “Universal Healing Symbol” is a painting by our dear Healer-Artist friend, Maruata Atahu - a pure channel and an energy imprinter. Her paintings are physical manifestations of higher energies, including Ascended Masters, and are portals to these higher energies. Her work is available as posters and cards to help bring one into contact with higher vibratory geographies. Contemplating the Universal Healing Symbol has a calming effect, and can be kept on your computer desktop for viewing at any time, or placed on a chakra for blocked energy flow.]
Reader Michael Prescott comments:
I've been enjoying your book very much, August, but I have a question about your chapter on reincarnation. I'm not a great fan of the idea of reincarnation myself, since it would probably mean going through high school again! Nevertheless, I'm inclined to think that some (maybe not all) people do reincarnate. Reincarnation seems most common when a life is unexpectedly cut short, or when there is a strong emotional tie pulling the deceased back to earth.

Some of the more interesting evidence for reincarnation consists of strange parallels between present-day birth defects (or birthmarks) and injuries suffered by the previous personality. For instance, a person whose fingers are stunted on a diagonal line may find that his past-life personality's hand was maimed in just this way by an industrial accident. (That's an actual case.)

Such congenital features would seem to imply that the connection between the present-day personality and the previous personality extends to the moment of conception. Wouldn't reincarnation be the best explanation of these cases "where biology and reincarnation intersect" (to quote the title of Ian Stevenson's book on the subject)?
August and Tim reply:
We’re so pleased there has been joy in your experience. As mentioned in the book—and in many different ways—the human ego-mind has evolved to be extraordinarily driven to brilliantly solve puzzles/problems, and especially to create puzzles/problems when there aren't any. Much like the way a dog loves to chew on something, anything, everything. This is because the ego-mind is also deathly afraid (literally) that its own survival is not ensured (it's not) after the terrestrial body ceases to exist. It knows this. It knows that it will not survive into an “afterlife” but that Authentic Self will. (Ironically, Authentic Self often doesn’t know this, thanks to the ego-mind’s machinations.) Ego-mind also knows that in order to feel safe, it needs to convince sleeping Authentic Self that its own demise is also that of Authentic Self. The most rational solution to the puzzle is to suggest a return of some kind to the earth - which is all that ego-mind knows - thus the ego-mind, which evolved rationality (as an “intellectual defense” in its opposition to intuitive wisdom of Authentic Self,) will do anything and everything to convince us that there must be a way to survive, and that the evidence for a return to the Earth is all around. Evidence about reincarnation at the intellectual level is easy to fabricate, and so also easy to accept, given the drive to avoid the fear of non-existence as quickly and easily as possible.

Regarding a seemingly "biologically-induced reincarnation affect" (I just made that up, for the record) – read on into the reincarnation chapter. This is one of the most challenging chapters of the book, so if you feel like throwing it out the window, just put it down, and step away for a while. Greatest Mind, of which we are each part and parcel of—so Mind is our mind—has no limitations. We can manifest anything within and without any limitations we so choose to impose or release. You will hopefully begin to see how the exquisitely complex dynamics of interrelationships with other individuals on astral levels can influence not just our present psychology, but the very beliefs that can impact and manifest even our very physicality before, during and after birth. Does this mean that from such relationships, the affects you mention can be imparted to a mother carrying a fetus, whereby such influences can imprint upon the body of the developing child? I leave that question unanswered, because the Risen Collective has the agenda that you the reader gradually cease looking outside yourself for answers, and look inward instead. The truth, regardless of how it may contradict what Tim or I or the Risen Collective or even the Risen Assembly says, will be your individual truth. This particular agenda also requires that you continue inward from that answer, that truth, to begin uncovering just what “worlds within worlds” is.

All that being said, as a psychotherapist I’d be very curious about what makes you ask the question—is your ego-mind attempting to misdirect your Authentic Self’s attention, which has finally begun to stir awake from the raising of vibrations as brought on by your reading? “Devil’s Advocate” can be fun, but in whose service? But do read on, as you will see that you can have your cake and eat it too. No need to get too serious here!

Michael comments further:
"is your ego-mind attempting to misdirect your Authentic Self’s attention ..."

Maybe, but I wouldn't be too quick to write off critical thinking. There's a lot of channeled material out there, and it seems to me that some degree of critical thinking is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff.

"... which has finally begun to stir awake from the raising of vibrations as brought on by your reading?"

I've read many books on this subject over the past 13 years. The Risen is a very worthwhile contribution, and I appreciate the chance to read it, but I'm not sure it is "raising my vibrations" to a greater extent than some of the others. Geraldine Cummins' books The Road to Immortality and Beyond Human Personality were particularly meaningful to me. (A Google search will bring up the full text of both books online.)

Much as I enjoyed Cummins' books, I would still say that their claims need to be examined critically. Cummins herself believed that parts of her communications originated in her subconscious, and I would guess that this is true of channeled material in general. Even in the best cases, channeling seems to involve a mixture of authentic communication and subconscious confabulation. That's why we have to tread cautiously when assessing such material.

At least that's how I see it. Thanks for giving me the chance to comment. Best wishes for a joyous New Year!
August and Tim reply:
Yes, let the mind be critical, examine what you see as the facts for for yourself, do not accept what we say or suggest as authority. Then take it up a notch, to rest under the gaze of Authentic Self. You are the only authority in the final examination.

Geraldine Cummin's work is very worth looking at for vibrational change,to get an idea of the complexities involved -- thanks for mentioning it -- Swan on a Black Sea is just amazing. Likewise Arthur Findlay's works. N. Riley Heagerty's invaluable compendium, The French Revelation -- on E.C. Randall's investigation of the direct voice medium Emily French, is another that comes to mind in terms of Randall's intensive investigative process.

We are not energetic supporters for what passes as "channeling" these days - much of it is ego-mind talking to itself. August was able to attend several Seth session with Jane Roberts back in the mid-late 70's, and would still hesitate to label Seth as being "channeled". There aren't any words, really, for something like that, or even for the experience between August and; Tim, although it has been utilized for lack of a better word. The medium, George Anderson, specifically uses "discernment" in his work; August often does as well. Dr. Melvin Morse, who wrote the foreword for The Risen, recently suggested to August something more on the lines of quantum physics, specifically the term "entanglement", when discussing the way Tim and August engage. Combined with the idea of "interpenetration", we can see a different kind of conceptualization emerging that is finding validation in quantum physics, especially in the newer theories presented by Dr. Amit Goswami - his book, "Creative Evolution" (2008) seeks to offer such revolutionary resolutions between the sciences.