Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

As a continuation in the vein of Samhain, when the veils between worlds/dimensions are said to be at their thinnest . . .

Many people might be noticing recently that their astral-dream activity has increased over the past week or so. The dream content may also be unusual, weird, stimulating or tiring, with lots of drama and players. This heightened activity is very likely due to the increasing dissolution of the barriers between dimensions, including ours and that of the Risen, which is currently taking place and will continue for a few days or possibly weeks after November 1.

I myself have had a tremendous upsurge in visits from many Risen, mostly relatives who crossed over and are taking advantage of the opportunity to get close to the Earth and schmooze with me. I've even had a former psychotherapy patient, who had transitioned over two years ago, return to warmly greet me, and eager to show me some of the vast life changes that have taken place since his transition. I look forward to these reunions every year at this time, and it seems they do to, treating it like a special trip. Of course Tim has been making these trips much more frequently, in spite of his having transitioned on so much further in vibration into higher Risen geographies. There's the distinct feeling that he has something "special" planned for us at the height of the dimensional opening, but hasn't given me any details about exactly when, or where I should be, or if I should prepare in any way. He loves surprises, so I may simply have to wait and see.