Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Pie In The Sky

[First posted 11/29/16]

Olivia: "How does it feel to be dying? "
William: "It feels... like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and... I'm trying to catch them. When my granddaughter falls asleep in my lap, I try to catch the feeling of her breathing against me. And when I make my son laugh, I try to catch the sound of him laughing. How it rolls up from his chest. But the pieces are moving faster now, and I can't catch them all. I can feel them slipping through my fingertips. And soon where there used to be my granddaughter breathing and my son laughing, there will be... nothing. Oh—I know it feels like you have all the time in the world—but you don't. So stop playing it so cool. Catch the moments of your life. Catch them while you're young and quick. Because sooner than you know it, you'll be old … and slow. And there'll be no more of them to catch. And when a nice boy who adores you offers you pie, say thank-you."
~ “Pilgrim Rick” This Is Us (television series) ~
"Strange times," everyone seems to be muttering these days, with occasional outbursts of frightened tears, worry about the future ... "time is running out" ...   A reader of The Risen writes to us:

“I have been feeling very discouraged by the realization that our world is not at all what we think it is. The reality is just a facade hiding the real power behind the scenes. It is so overwhelming, it is beyond my reach. It is so terrible to see the greed and selfishness of a few ruining the lives of so many, killing so many. People’s misplaced value system, ignorance, and inability to think and discern the truth make it seem impossible that we can ever change the world for the better.
“I feel it’s hopeless. I wonder if the next world will really be any different or not. How could people change their nature just because they have crossed over to the spirit world? Do you have any insight on that from speaking with the Risen?”
There is such an interesting mixture of dimensional aspects in your words of expression here—of fear and worry as generated by the undisciplined ego-mind, and those of your Authentic Self, so wise and comforting from its infinitely expanded perspective.
For example, your Immortal Self reveals its awareness of a higher reality or “power behind the scenes” after openly stating your inner-felt truth that our world is not what we think it is. Your Higher Self is showing Itself here in all Its warm brilliance to help you to not forget this Higher Reality, and further remind us that our thoughts  must always be chosen carefully and consciously.
Because what we focus on magnifies, let’s consciously choose in this present moment to look at the wisdom that is peeking here from behind the veils, which is another symbol for “façade” as you say. In this context, “veils” are another way to say “beliefs,” which are composed of gathered thoughts repeated over and over, intensified and glued together by emotion, and then accepted as learned by the brain. When there are beliefs that are conflicting with one another, seemingly by positive and negative words, confusion arises from the misalignment. 
What is fear? It is actually quite simple, although our ego-mind has been programmed almost from the beginning of our physical life to make it increasingly complex and thus unmanageable. There are only two aspects of physical fear that our biological bodies have evolved—that of loud noises and of falling—and so our bodies reflexively flinch at a loud noise or recoil from an uncomfortable height, whether or not we want to. It also seems that darkness can overwhelm and frighten our bodies, because of the illusion of distance it conveys to our physical senses—or “False Evidence Appearing Real.” When we are misaligned from misperception and misinterpretation, we become afraid of falling from our celestial height. The veils of our beliefs keep us from correctly seeing that all is well.
Our words and the ways in which we use them can be perceived as instruments or weapons. The idea of “instruments or weapons” sounds like one of positive versus negative. But as the light of unafraid, conscious awareness is turned upon any alleged darkness it will be seen that so-called negative forces are actually positive ones waiting in the shadows to be revealed. The weapons have always been instruments or tools from the very beginning.
Negative language is positive language trying to reveal itself—if we let it. This essentially means that there is really no such thing as something separate from positive called “negative,” although our minds are able to make a decision that seems to make such a separation appear as real. Rather, it means there is positively only one power in the Universe, which we can experience in an infinite number of individual ways. This One Positive Power is All of Life; All There Is. This Life is also our life, and our Risen Loved One’s lives. There is no “death” but simply and only transition and relocation from one form of life to another form.
Attention is being drawn here to the power of belief which can and does assign the labels of positive and negative from an infinite, non-material place that we sometimes call emotional and psychological. In other words, our beliefs are much more powerful than the laws of the material world, for while beliefs can be limiting, they are forever unlimited.
All this is potentially realizable here on Earth to a higher degree than most of us might suspect, and we don’t have to transition out of these physical bodies in order to rise to such higher states of awareness—although it is likely that most of us maintain the belief that all really is lost and hopeless and we can only be rescued and saved by relocating to a Risen existence beyond this terrestrial geography. This is another way of saying that, what you are calling “nature”—can be changed. It cannot not be changed, for the Universe is expansion: mutation, evolution, and relocation. We are not speaking of what humankind experiences as “Laws of Nature” which supposedly never change. They do, but as we are the Nature which is also the Law, as we change, the law changes. This has been stated in many ways over many millennia, but has become so veiled by different belief systems that the original meaning has been lost in the mists. The most straightforward way of stating it now would be that “First comes the Word, and from the Word, unfolds the Law.” And so our word—which includes our thoughts— manifest the reality of appearances according to our belief. Change your belief, change your word, and change your world.
Many—if not most—people will awaken into the Risen state of being pretty much as they were when they left it. More often than not a person of 21st century Earth is likely to have so little knowledge and understanding of the transition process—and what to expect—that their own relocation to Risen geographies results in partial or even full paralysis rather than independent freedom. This is a result of having lived a mostly fear-based life on Earth and not resolving and transforming the fear during the time spent there, as well as neglecting the nurturing of their spiritual bodies. They then appear to arrive in underdeveloped spirit bodies, and in some cases malformed or barely formed. Tim reports that many arrive in their new geography manifesting as not much more than a seed form. Well … his actual words were “a dried up peach pit.”
Sounds like bad news, doesn’t it? Here’s the good and only news—such relocated individuals aren’t really peach pits at all—we are the whole pie. Their habitual Earthly beliefs of lack and limitation, as well as non-beliefs and fear about what happens after they “die” result in false assumptions of little or no self-worth. Such misaligned assumptions of worthlessness allow them to appear as illusorily malformed or even unformed, but in reality they are already intensely brilliant, priceless celestial diamonds—as are we all. This realization of infinite worth to which the Risen strive to awaken them is achieved by helping them discover how to release their own self-inflicted paralysis.
Such cases are often taken to beautiful “greenhouses” where they are given the proper light and nourishment that they denied or were denied while on Earth. This process requires specialized Risen adjusters who utilize advanced arts of light and sound vibration to stimulate and maintain growth of the malnourished spiritual energies—and even we can assist them, with our prayers and thoughts of light-filled freedom sent their way.

 Another wisdom suggestion that is liberally sprinkled like sparkly sugared stars throughout ancient texts is, "Fear not." These are perhaps the finest two words we can place in the forefront of our mind, right between the eyes. Can we not find our way to repeating them enough times that they become embedded in our poor little peach of a brain, to become and grow into a vision of the celestial diamond that each one of us really, truly is? The ancient texts are also prepared for when we begin to argue for our limitations, when we say we think we cannot accomplish this: "I am. Therefore I can. Therefore I will."