Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hie ye to the Summerlands!

ES kindly writes to us from the City of Joy in the Black Forest of Germany:

“Thank you for your work, I have been savoring your book (started in mid-August!) with just a bit left to go. . . Many years ago, I dabbled a bit in lucid dreaming, but felt my dreams should tell me things instead of the other way around, so I got really active only with bad dreams and became a passive observer. But I tried with success two nights in a row now your pre-sleep whisper for meeting and recognizing guides on the astral plane and remembering the dream content. Very eye-opening stuff.”

Thanks so much, ES, for sharing this with us. It was very lovely to hear from you and about your experience thus far with the book's material. It sounds like you are moving along with the book at a goodly speed. It is hoped you will be able to re-read it again and see what happens. There are many dabblers and explorers in lucid dreaming about these days, and often they are unexpectedly confronted by those in spirit who are unable or unwilling to leave the earth plane. Thus such spirits present with confusion, fear, even hostility, and can be quite frightening to the lucid dreamer. They must be re-directed to their true destination, so never hesitate to ask one's Risen guides and friends to help with this. I often use that one prayer mentioned in the book, "May your soul rest in peace and may everlasting light shine upon you." Should we want to meet with those who are of higher vibration during such lucid dream states, we do what you are now learning to do, which is to raise the vibration that brings us to nicer geographies; well done! — August and Tim

On a related note to the topic of lucidity that ES brings up . . . although one might not expect it, broadcasts such as the recent one on Coast To Coast require a great deal of inner and outer preparation for me, August (Tim has his own means and methods, too.) Within a matter of minutes into the show, Tim and I have begun to connect with incredible amounts of various energies in, on, around, and beyond the Earth; with the spirit energy of listeners – embodied and disembodied; and we attract all kinds of curious devas and others of such species as well — as will be seen. The level of vibration raised and now connecting us to many around the world is itself alive and, as our friend Justin observed, “quickly becomes exuberant.” Listeners even might have heard one of my cat companions vocalizing a bit for the first minute or so as her way of helping. Both cats then made sure they were snugly settled onto my lap for the rest of the broadcast to keep me supplied with good animal energy.

Afterward, there is a continued need to utilize ways to disconnect and re-ground, and this can take several days. There is increased energy, but also a kind of sweet exhaustion. This time, as I, August, continued to rest, I would fall into deep trance-like states of what might seem like lucid dreaming, but were more like heightened states of clairvoyance. And I was somewhat startled to discover that several individuals in spirit were quietly hanging about, as if in a sedated and slightly confused state; it became quickly clear that they were individuals who had somehow become unwilling or unable to complete their transition from the earth to the next Risen geography, and had been attracted to the energies in my terrestrial space raised from the broadcast. Those who have read The Risen and have been involved with their own experiences like this will recognize the subject of “spirit rescue,” or as called in The Risen, “liberation drama.” Fortunately, these persons just needed a little nudge in the form of some spiritual light to get them moving in the right direction, and some supportive, gentle prayer enabled them to move forward in their transition. Only one presented with a little push back due to his fear, which was manifesting as a bit of anger and hostility, so it needed a bit more firm direction. But all was resolved in a few minutes.

“Liberation drama” may sound like an odd way to label such experiences, but it might be recognized that the use of the word “drama” indicates the many and various psychological components manifested by the ego-mind used to resist transition, or change. We probably see this every day in our human interactions. In certain families, and personal and business relationships, there are tendencies to “be dramatic” in order to keep change from happening. Dramas, or plays, need production; a producer, writer, actors, scripts. Actors are not allowed to deviate from the script; “the show must go on!” These same tendencies may be slightly crystallized by a simulate self, which, after the physical and astral-etheric bodies separate, continues to vibrate and manifest its own dramas in order to distract and prevent the spirit from fully and healthily transition to Risen. So in a way, those who serve as spirit rescuers are skilled in finding ways to slightly change the scripts, or the motivation, or the “blocking” to make the necessary changes happen, to liberate the lost and wandering ones. Then, the show really gets to go on! So, no need to hang about my house anymore, hie ye to the Summerlands!